Friday, December 24, 2004

So it's nice and warm here in Lil' Rhody, about 60 today. This a great improvement over the 6 degrees it was when I landed in Boston on Monday night. Things have been relaxed and fun since I returned to the cold armpit of New England. I've been reading quite a bit, watching a lot of football, and enjoying time with my family. Tomorrow night will be our traditional Christmas Eve dinner and movie night with my Nana and Pa coming over to visit.

As many of you are aware, my company has been struggling mightily on the finaincial front. Chapter 11 was due to be filed Tuesday for debt reorganization. Which does not guarantee anything. Also, as many of you know I've been shopping my resume around Texas in hopes of a more stable situation while praying that the Lord would just use me as He sees fit and if that meant staying where I am, then so be it. On Monday, I was sent an e-mail from a potential employer I had recently interviewed with and am humbled to announce that I have been offered a position. I have accepted the position and if a few details can be ironed out, which I don't think will be a problem, I shall start working as an engineer for the City of College Station sometime in mid-January. In civil engineering, city and state engineering positions are as stable as they come. I look forward to new challenges with the full realization that it's going to be a difficult road due to the nature of the job. I take consolation in knowing that God wouldn't put me here if I wasn't capable.

In other news the Red Sox have re-signed catcher Jason Varitek. The projected line-up right now looks as follows, talk about reloading:

C- Jason Varitek
1B- Kevin Millar
2B- Mark Bellhorn
SS- Edgar Renteria
3B-Bill Mueller
LF-Manny Ramirez
CF-Johnny Damon
RF-Trot Nixon
DH- David Ortiz
SP- Curt Schilling, Wade Miller, Matt Clement, David Wells, Tim Wakefield, Bronson Arroyo
Closer- Keith Foulke

Merry Christmas!
For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.- Luke 2:11 (ESV)

Monday, December 20, 2004

Just a bit of silliness, really.
With that bit of irony, the truth behind the story of Peter Pan is shown to be a whole lot of seriousiness. I am not one given to movie reviews on the blog, however I must stand up and take note when a wonderful cinematic experience presents itself for wonderful discovery. I will not give away plot however, except vaguely. Neverland is quite simply a must see for anyone who enjoys the story of Peter Pan and for those who are sick of the lame comedies, doofus dad, action thriller, caper flick of the week fare which Hollywood seems content on sending to the Pavlovian masses.
The movie details the experiences of 'Peter Pan' author J.M. Barrie, which lead him to write the children's classic. He got to know four children who have no father. Drawing from his time with the kids, he writes a story about children who don't want to grow up. Barrie is played brillantly by everyone's favorite drunken pirate, the wonderful Johnny Depp in a role that I feel is well deserving of a Best Actor Oscar nomination. His female opposite, Sylvia Llewelyn Davies, is played by our favorite suicidal cruiseline passenger, Kate Winslet (who despite having had a kid or two since the ship went down, still reminds me of classic beauty and screen presence). I have not seen many of her films lately, but she puts in an excellent bit of work to bring her character to life. Based on the films I have seen so far this year, the talented Ms. Winslet could also be looking at date with the golden, anatomically incorrect statue.
Inserted throughout the film were little golden nuggets of sage wisdom if you pay attention. One of my favorites which I found to be particularly enjoyable was Barrie's remark "Young boys should never be sent to bed. They always wake up a day older." How very true, I have yet to find a way around this fact myself. Some days I wish I could.
For this Pan man fan's, one will notice that a former Captain Hook takes a turn in a role as the theatre manager/financial backer for Barrie's plays. From Hook, comes Dustin Hoffman in a minor but important role. Nana needed to get teeth somehow (pay attention, you'll catch this reference).
So if you want to learn about what caused Pan to be, if you want to recall what it meant to never grow up, to live the lives of children, and yet contrast it to the real harsh world we live in; take a trip to Neverland, at your local theatre and as always if you can't see it there...second star to the left and straight on till morning.

Friday, December 17, 2004

For What It's Worth

David Wells, the man who claimed to be half drunk when he pitched perfect game with the Yankees, signed with the Red Sox. The announcment was made in Crown Royal Room at Fenway. Fitting, very fitting. Welcome to Beantown Boomer.

John Halama...who the heck is he?

Edgar Renteria, welcome to Fenway, enjoy peppering the wall and the new infield.

Notre Dame hired Patriots offensive coordinator Charlie Weiss, while I wish Coach Weiss well...who in their right mind wants to coach under the tarnished dome in South Bend?

I like Virignia Tech in an upset over Aurburn.

Scrap that San Diego and Vegas vacation...New Years in Dallas. New Years Eve celebrating and then an early morning appointment to go Cotton picking. And I get to spend it with friends, some of whom I haven't seen in awhile.

Apparently calling a guy "metro" does not mean he is from a big city.

As much as Texans appreciate the volunteers from Tennessee and their help at a little mission in San Antonio all those years ago, we look forward to beating your football team. Rocky road ahead if you want to sing Rocky Top.

The Texas A&M men's basketball team in undefeated. Then again, against their schedule a good AAU team would be too.

Frtom 4-8 to 7-4 and a bowl game...Fran is the man in Aggieland.

A&M and Tennessee have played only once..a 3-0 shootout won by the Vols in Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant's last game as Aggie head coach before going to Alabama. Coach Fran's first bowl game...against the Vols. Weird and cool.

For those looking for a good read, go check out Ben Vastine's bew blog from 12/11 or there on the link he gives...good reading will be found.

I recently read the the Reformation was a liberal movement. This from the pages of the Providence Journal's letters to the editor. The writer tried to spin history as support for the tv ad campaign in Rhode Island for the UCC. If wrote a good retort, maybe it will get published, but in that liberal bastion...I doubt it.

Yes, the rumors are true, my company is filing chapter 11 bankruptcy. I am not out of job, but it doesn't improve thing either.

27 of their last 28 and when will the Sox resign Jason Varitek?

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

and now class please open your books to Chapter 11.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I am going home for Christmas, first time in a year I will set foot in the Ocean State. Let me rephrase that, I'm going to see my family for Christmas, Texas is my home. Then of course some say home is where the heart is, and I can't argue with either place being home, so it is six in one and a half dozen in the other.

For those wondering, I still have a job. I am also looking, but my lease situation brings some interesting situations to the table. I just leave it to God to work out and let me just follow the path He puts before me, bumps and all. No matter what happens I can not help but sense that feelings will be hurt somewhere. All I can say without saying much is that there are always complications to every decision, I feel as if personally I am in a no win situation. Some of y'all are scratching your heads wondering what ole Ed's talking about. Well, without getting into details, there is a matter of keeping a promise or breaking it. Even though I'm sure it would not even be an issue, I would like to keep my promise and my word. For some reason that thought ways heavy on my mind when it comes to career decisions and yet I may be the only one who gives a damn about it. And now y'all are thinking, ole Ed's gone crazy, well maybe I have.

Ok now that I'm officially a nut in this post, Aggies are going to the Cotton Bowl to play the Tennessee Volunteers from the SEC. I'll be there with some of my friends. It's going to be a blast, win or behind when time runs out, it will be fun.

There is something about New England in December. Cold as all get out, snow around every forecast, back aching shoveling, and the smell of pine needles and home cooking. The sound of the family gathering around the dinner table, the smells of apple pie and turkey. The time we get to spend with those we love but seldom get to see. I think about it and realize just how blessed I am to be able to do so. All of us who get to be with family are, just remember though, cherish it, savor it, and make the most out of the time you get to spend with family. God gives us today to do as He wills, but He makes no guarantee for tomorrow on this terrestial ball.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

A Post It Notes From the Office

I love the lack of work, let's me do other look for a new job as the staff here awaits the doors closing sometime soon, unless things turn around.

I took a post it note, wrote "IN" on it, stuck it on my trash bin. It adds flare, though not 15 pieces of it, to my work space.

One of the owner's, his name is Bob...should I tell him I'm missing work or should I just avoid the office space comment.

After lot's of searching, clickin on a random link found me at the the Texas Board of Professional Engineers website. Apparently, I'm elgible to apply for reciprocity with my NY EIT and I'm eligible to take the PE exam.

So as I look for jobs I realize how much I love and how happy I am here in this town, but realisitically I have to go where the work is...on one hand it kills me to think about on the other it's the right thing to do if something elsewhere pops up. I've decided that Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio are the best bets. In a perfect world it would be either of the first two with Dallas with a slight advantage because of the Rangers (Red Sox play them every year), Texas Motorspeedway (2 Cup Races a year now), and the Stars (Bruins..if the NHL ever comes back). Houston though has the rodeo, the Texans and the Astros. Jobs are great, but I think it's important to weigh other factors in choosing where to go. Money is not everything, nor should it be.

Well, I got to internet search some stuff.

Monday, November 29, 2004

For What It's Worth

The Patriots are 10-1 and I hear the talk of New England is how to keep the Red Sox together. The Patriots upstaged by the largest story in New England sports history, the blue and silver headed step children of the Red Sox quietly doing the unheard of in the age of NFL parity, 25 of 26 and still the Red Sox take the headlines.

The more I watch the western conference teams play basketball, the more convinced I am that I was robbed of knowing good basketball as a child outside Larry Bird.

"Till the Last Man" the latest novel from Jeff Shaara begins his foray into the 20th century as it covers World War I continues the tried and true formula begun by his father in "The Killer Angels".

The chase for the Nextel Cup gave NASCAR what it needed in tv ratings, but bastardized the championship meant for season long consistency in order to award the hot hand over the last 10 races.

No matter who you spend Thanksgiving with, nothing fills the hole left by the absence of family.

The PHS football alumni welcome the newest team, that of '04 to the post season club and honor that now only belongs to 4 teams in school history. None have ever won a game but we won't talk about it.

Why is it that men, no matter what we do or don't realize we've done can seemingly piss off the whole female gender? My answer, we think different.

Another fact of reality, when you're looking for a career advancement move...nothing seems available. Is it a matter of there being nothing or being too picky?

What's the difference be the Aggies and decade old raisin bran? The Aggies belong in a bowl.

I think a few days in San Diego followed by New Years in Vegas would be fun.

He's not flashy, but Tom Brady is my first choice at QB if given a choice.

Speaking of Brady, should we send Mo Lewis a thank you note for that hit on Drew a few years ago yet?

10-1 and the question remains, Will the Sox resign Varitek?

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hurricane Warning: BEAT VETS!
BTHO tu!

Wish you were here.
Wish I was there.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

NOVEMBER 18, 1999 - NOVEMBER 18, 2004

November 18, 1999 the Texas A&M Bonfire Stack collapsed, killing 12 Aggies.
Today the Aggie family marks the 5th Anniversary of that fateful day with the
dedication of the Bonfire Memorial, in the very spot the stack collapsed. Aggies still mourn, we still remember, we will never forget.

After the Last Corps Trip
by Kathryn Holmes Smith

And the colonel of the Cadet Corps said,
As he stiffly took his stand,
"It's just another Corps Trip, boys
We'll march in behind the band."

Then heaven's pearly portals opened,
Hosts of Angels showed the way,
For that Fighting Texas Aggie group
On that final Judgment Day.

When more Aggies came in view.
Twelve dressed in Bonfire gear
Walking arm and arm, and singing
Of the School they hold so dear.

Twelve Aggie voices said "Howdy"
To the keepers of the Gate.
"Working hard we just lost track of time,
We hope we're not too late."

"It's the Fighting Aggie Bonfire Crew,"
St. Peter said, ‘Behold."
They're ready to light up Heaven,
With their courage and faith so bold."

"I would often watch them building,
That Stack so large and high,
And surely knew the time would come
They would build it in the sky."

And so the twelve came through the Gates,
St. Peter said, "Don't fear,
You are just in time for Roll Call"
One by one, they answered. . . ‘Here.'

Christopher D. Breen "Here"
Jerry Don Self "Here"
Michael Steven Ebanks "Here"
Jeremy Richard Frampton "Here"
Lucas John Kimmel "Here"
Christopher Lee Heard "Here"
Brian Allen McClain "Here"
Jamie Lynn Hand "Here"
Nathan Scott West "Here"
Chad Anthony Powell "Here"
Miranda Denise Adams "Here"
Timothy Doran Kerlee, Jr. "Here"
Perspective, always a good thing to have. I've been stressing over things at work and losing persepctive of things. Sleepless nights wondering about work and know the so called "grown up" stuff. It has made me tired, grumpy, and down right irritable...probably a pain the ass to deal with too. Last night it all got put back into the proper order.

Congratulations to the Ferguson's on the finalization of their adoptions, two new little one's running around that house. That make's 5, so they have their own basketball team now! As some of you may know and others may not, I'm marooned in College Station for Thanksgiving. Having no plans, I now have some thanks to the large hearts of some of my friends. It's also reassuring to know that I won't be the only one here for the weekend. I'll miss the smells of home, but I can recreate some of them with my own culinary skills. I was also able to talk to, however briefly, with...well the words best friend doesn't quite do justice...but you know who you are! It's amazing how just a kind word, a smile, and understanding can help brighten the day.

Ok, there is a lesson here....

God, family and friends, that's what life is about. All the other stuff, and that's what it is stuff, we tolerate and put up with to funciton in society, put food on the table and pay the bills, is secondary. Those closest to us, know us best and somehow give us that slap we need to remember just what is important. Well not a literal slap, though sometimes I do need one of those too. Day by day, whatever happens happens, but with them and perspective, who can complain and grumble? I can't when I look at it that way. Though I might, I shouldn't.'s a powerful thing... keep things in a lockbox. :-)

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Welcome to the abyss. That deep, dark hole that for some reason or another manages to find you every now and then. Have you ever gone to work, hoping to get fired from a job you enjoy? Did you think Office Space could ever have a real life cousin? Did you ever once feel so down in mouth that you had to look up with a periscope to see your food?

Welcome to the world I now inhabit. Welcome to my office and my job. We're going bankrupt, no matter what the owners say, I'm sure we're going to close...soon. Morale is now at an all time low. Bloodlettings and floggings might actually improve it because that would give us something to look forward to.

A year ago when looking for employment while finishing grad school, I decided for a variety of reasons to try to stay around town. Best decision I ever made, it's been a wonderful year one of the happiest I can ever recall, thank God for it daily. Now, I find myself at one of those cross roads points in life, it's kind of interesting. Very seldom do people recognize these points, sometimes they are a chance meeting on a bus with the person you end up married to, others like this stare you down like a train, one lonesome whistle and a bright light. All you can do is stand on the tracks and see who flinches first. Trains don't flinch, people do. The only question is where you land when you dive out of the way.

There are several options, on each side are multiple soft flower beds, perfect for landing. Each with it's own set of good and bad. A rose bush has thorns, daisies have bees, the tulips have ants, etc. The question is how to choose. The only way is simple, pray for God to guide to you to where He wants you. We must remember that life isn't always hugs and puppies. Sometimes "life is pain, anyone who says otherwise is selling something."

Monday, November 08, 2004

Well folks it don't happen often, but I feel like waxing poetic in public on the fly... feel free to comment using the comment feature. I actually write quite a bit, but seldom ever share it...tonight I just feel like edits, no thought...just writing what comes to mind. I hope you like it.

Cool northwind makes the autumn breeze
Whistlin and rattlin through the trees.
The moon above walks its course so straight,
As I sit and ponder at this hour late.
Thoughts and musings running through my head,
Unable to get myself into bed.
I think of things in my private night,
That in the day do not see light.
Of things so somber and so blue,
Of things so happy and so true.
Tell me owl on the air,
Of the maiden young and fair.
Who this night you have seen,
Dancing by the light of moonbeam.
Radiant beauty all behold,
Yet for one as such there is no mold.
Tell me crickett chirping away,
Do you know what I shall do this day?
Cirlces and squares the pegs don't fit,
What all will come of it?
At the TV I sit and stare,
Of events worlwide I'm made aware.
Around the world blood will run red,
And Fezzik reminds me that they'll "all be dead."
And yet in sadness and despair,
I still can see that maiden fair.
And I wonder wouldn't life be grand,
If only, only she'd take my hand.
And through this world we would parade,
till that day for which all were made.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

In Loving Memory:
Walter L. "Salty" Brine
"No School Foster-Glocester"
the following is from the November 3 edition of the Providence Journal Bulletin

Farewell to Salty Brine, voice of Rhode Island for 50 years
With his children's television show and his morning radio program, he was a lifelong companion for many in the state.
02:02 AM EST on Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Walter L. "Salty" Brine, 86, a Rhode Island icon and veteran broadcaster, died yesterday at his Narragansett home.

Brine's career spanned generations and his voice, skipper's hat and one-liners became part of the fabric of the state. He woke up with Rhode Islanders, entertained their children after school, and coined the phrase that parents tucked their children to bed with: "Brush your teeth and say your prayers."

Brine's career at WPRO-AM began in 1942 with the station's morning radio program, which he hosted until his retirement in 1993. Brine also created a children's television show, called Salty Brine's Shack, that he hosted on Channel 12 from 1958 to 1968.

"A rare broadcaster," said Ron St. Pierre, who has Brine's old job at WPRO. "With Salty, you always had the sense of a one-on-one connection. You never had the sense that he was talking to a group of people; he was talking to you."

Before St. Pierre became morning radio host, he was program director and general manager at the station. St. Pierre also worked with Brine.

"I saw him three weeks ago, and I told him, 'Salty, I'm just keeping the chair warm for you'," he said.

John Martin, who covered broadcasting for The Providence Journal from 1987 to 1999, called Brine's ratings "powerhouse."

"I think for most of the 50 years he was on the air, the station was successful because of Salty Brine's day-part," Martin said. "He had listeners who grew up with him, and then their kids grew up with him. He had a longevity that's almost unique in the business."
Brine was a consummate performer, Martin said.

"He had an unmistakable charisma. An endearing cheerfulness. A robust laugh. A welcoming smile," Martin said. "He could light up a room. When you met Salty, you always felt like you were meeting that Salty Brine, the guy who was on the radio."

Like so many things that Rhode Islanders come to love, he was one of a kind.
"And we embrace that," Martin said.

Walter Cryan, who started his career in 1965, reading the news on Brine's WPRO show, ended his own newscast last night with Brine's signature: "Brush your teeth and say your prayers."
Cryan now anchors the 6 p.m. news on Channel 6. He also worked with Brine at Channel 12, when Salty Brine's Shack was on the air.

"He had a perpetual smile, not only on his face but in his voice," Cryan said. "I think he was made for broadcasting."

Brine's only son, Walter L. Brine Jr., cohosts The Loren & Wally Morning Show, at WROR in Boston.

Salty Brine's first wife, Marion "Mickey" Brine, died in 2000. Brine remarried and is survived by Roseanna Brine.

Like Del's Lemonade and the Independent Man at the State House, Brine was part of Rhode Island's landscape.

State officials took it one step further, in 1990, and made him part of the Ocean State's geography: The beach in the Galilee section of Narragansett was renamed Salty Brine State Beach.

Brine filmed commercials there with the Cardi brothers, the owners of Cardi's furniture, for whom he worked after his retirement from morning broadcasting. Brine's talent for catchy phrases paid off for the Cardis, too. When he was recording a radio commercial for the furniture store, he had a few too many seconds to fill at the end of the 60-second spot. So Brine, always the professional, stretched the last line of the ad, said Peter Cardi, improvising yet another trademark saying: "No-ho-ho-body beats Cardi's."

During his final broadcast as host of WPRO's radio show, on April 28, 1993, many of his competitors interrupted their own shows to call Brine and wish him luck. Brine, then 74, said farewell to his audience.

"To all of you folks listening, this is my state," he said. "I love everybody in it from the time they're born through the time they get through school and college. I think I've lived through four generations."

He ended that last broadcast with his most famous line, "No school Foster-Glocester!"

The voice of school closings on snow days. The familar voice on the radio who was good with a joke, classy and clean. Long before shock jocks and trashy morning shows. He lasted 50 years without changing, he was himself. The consumate professional, the teacher of children when tv was in it's infancy, before Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers, before PBS, Rhode Island children had "Salty's Shack." I never met the man personally, though I know there were numerous times I was within 10 feet of him. He was class, he was a humble man, and he was the voice of my youth coming over the radio. God Bless you Salty, see you soon. And I'll remember to brush my teeth and say my prayers in the meantime.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Deja Vote?

So here we sit, the morning after, with headaches and all and still no one doing the walk of shame. No I'm talking about something like that....I am talking about the 2004 Presidential election.

President George W. Bush appears to have won victory over challenger (and phony Red Sox fan) John Kerry. The President has a majority popular vote (about 51%) and the highest popular vote total in American history. Most news outlets are holding off calling Iowa, New Mexico, Nevada, and Wisconsin. The three former states appear to be safely in the President's hands, the latter favoring the challenger. Ohio is the key state, still up in the air with the President holding a 150,000 vote lead (give or take) with about the same number of provisional ballots outstanding. Senator Kerry would need almost all of those ballots to fall his way and have all of them be legal and none thrown out.

Watching the various network coverage till 1 in the morning here in Texas (yes, I am a closet election junkie) I was surprised and pleased with the care many networks took in projecting states, but am amazed that they currently will not call certain states. I believe it is a way of being overly cautious and to not show the President as having over the 270 needed to win. IF Bush carries Ohio and loses everything else still on the board, he still wins in a 269-269 tie, however that only happens if no electoral voters cross lines...which at least one in West Virginia (a Bush state) has threatened to do. In the event of a tie, it goes to the House with each state delegation getting 1 vote and more than 25 state delegations are controlled by the Republicans. In a tie, the Vice President would be chosen by the Senate, which now has a Republican majority.

I look forward to seeing how this plays out.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Election 2004

Tomorrow Americans (ok, probably only about45% of those eligible) will go to the polls to vote on who shall become the next President of the United States. President Bush or Mr. Kerry. The "Liberal Weiner" vs. "The Right Wing Nut Job" as has proclaimed.

I will not use this post to tout my politics or say who I will be voting for, most of you who read this probably can easily guess who I will voting for, so there is no need to do so.

What I want to say is simply to vote, this election could very well set the domestic and international policies and directions of our country over the next 50 years, especially when one realizes the number of positions likely to open up on the Supreme Court in the next 4 years. So please, go vote it is a right we all too often take for granted. If you vote, you can complain and bitch all you want, if you do not vote you really can't do either with a legitimate reason.

Go vote. No matter what your choice, even if it's Mickey Mouse in a write-in.

On a lighter note remember these things:

Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first. Ronald Reagan (1911 - 2004)

And that politics is actually a compound word, coming from "poly" meaning many and "tics" meaning blood sucking animals.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Bambino At The Bat
with apologies to Ernest L. Thayer

It looked extremely rocky for the cursed nine that day.
The score was two to four with but one inning left to play.
So, when Pete Rose died at second, and Enos Slaughter did the same,
A pallor wreathed the features of the patrons of the game.
A straggling few got up to go, leaving there the rest
With that hope that springs eternal from within the human breast.
For they thought, if only the Bambino could get a whack at that,
They’d put up even money now, with the Bambino at the bat.
But Mookie Wilson preceded Babe,
and likewise so did Dent,
And the former was a pudding,
and the latter was a fake.
So, on that stricken multitude a death-like silence sat,
For there seemed but little chance of the Bambino getting to the bat.
But Mookie let fly a single to the wonderment of all,
And the much despis├Ęd Dent tore the cover off the ball.
So, when the dust had settled
and they saw what had occurred,
There was Bucky safe at second,
and Wilson a-hugging third.
Then from the gladdened multitude went up a joyous yell.
It rumbled in the mountaintops, it rattled in the dell.
It struck upon the hillside and rebounded on the flat—
For the Bambino,
mighty Babe,
was advancing to the bat.
There was ease in Babe's manner as he stepped into his place.
There was pride in Babe's bearing and a smile on Babe's face.
And when, responding to the cheers, he lightly doffed his hat,
No stranger in the crowd could doubt ’twas the Bambino at the bat.
Ten thousand eyes were on him as he rubbed his hands with dirt.
Fifty-five thousand tongues applauded as he wiped them on his shirt.
And when the writhing gimpy pitcher ground the ball into his hip,
Defiance glanced from Babe's eye, a sneer curled the Sultan's lip.
And now the leather-covered sphere came hurtling through the air,
And the Babe stood a-watching it
in haughty grandeur there.
Close by the sturdy batsman the ball unheeded sped.
“That ain’t my style,”
said Babe.
“Strike one!”
the umpire said.
From the benches black with people there went up a muffled roar,
Like the beating of the storm waves on a stern and distant shore.
“Kill him! Kill the umpire!”
someone shouted from the stand—
And it’s likely they’d have killed him,
had not the Bambino raised his hand.
With a smile of noble charity great Babe's visage shone.
He stilled the rising tumult. He bade the game go on.
He signaled to the pitcher,
and once more the spheroid flew.
But Babe still ignored it,
and the umpire said,
“Strike two!”
cried the maddened thousands,
and the echo answered,
But one scornful look from Babe and the audience was awed.
They saw his face grow stern and cold,
they saw his muscles strain,
And they knew that the Bambino would not let that ball go by again.
The sneer is gone from Ruth's lip.
His teeth are clenched in hate.
He pounds with cruel vengeance his bat upon the plate.
And now the pitcher holds the ball,
and now he lets it go,
And now the air is shattered by the force of Babe's mighty blow!

Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright.
The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light.
And somewhere men are laughing,
and somewhere children shout.
there is elation and joy
in Boston
the Bambino's Curse
struck out.
Boston Red Sox World Champions 1903*1912*1915*1916*1918*2004

86 Years of waiting, generations come and gone, great players, post season goats, and heartbreaks.

Over the last 86 years, the world has seen a lot of change. Prohibition enacted the day after Ruth was traded to the Yankees. World War I ends, the Great Depression, Women's Suffrage, World War II, Men on the Moon, Computers, radio, television, the internet, Woodrow Wilson to George W. Bush, Frank Sinatra, John Wayne, Elvis Presley, the Beatles, the Florida Marlins, and of course the invention of sliced bread in 1928.

I can not help but think of all the greats and not so greats that have come and gone and not seen this day in a Red Sox uniform. Ted Williams, Yaz, Fisk, Pesky, Doerr, Cronin, Foxx, Radtz, the Eck, Jim Rice, Dewey Evans, Bill Buckner, Tony Armas, Bruce Hurst, Mo Berg, Bob Montgomery, Rich Gedman, Marty Barrett, Rico Petrocelli, Mike Greenwell, Lee Smith, Steve Lyons and the list just goes on and on.

After 86 years the curse of the Bambino, is broken. No more Buckner, no more Enos Slaughter, no more Bucky Dent, no more Aaron Boone, and no more Bob Gibson. The Red Sox have won the World Series. The waiting was the hardest part.

I raise a toast to those fans who lived and breathed Red Sox baseball and for one reason or another never got to see this day. A lot of tears are being shed tonight out of joy and sadness. There are those who wish only that their loved ones could be here to celebrate this. Tears for those who died young and those who died old. Red Sox fans are a diehard bunch, we live and breathe this team and we know that somewhere those who came before us are celebrating somewhere greater. Sons who never were able to share this with their fathers, sons who's fathers never came home from wars, fathers who's son's never came home....sadness and joy. To our friends who were called home before us, we toast to you and know you are smiling.

If you didn't grow up in Red Sox Nation, you can not understand the passion that we have for this team nor the heart and emotion that accompany it. I will not even try to explain in a few words. I will gladly sit down with any of you who wish to understand.

I weep for joy. Now what, perhaps another golden age of Red Sox baseball. This is simply awesome. The party will last for a while for a day many thought would never come has arrived, the curse is broken. A lunar eclipse of the heart and the Red Sox sweep the St. Louis Cardinals.

Yes Boston, this is not a dream. The Boston Red Sox are the World Champions for the first time since 1918.

The work for next season must begin with free agents to sign back: Lowe, Pedro, Varitek, Cabrerra....time to get the band back together. For now, let's enjoy this.

We can start counting the days till the 2005 season opens. When the defending World Champion Boston Red Sox will be introduced and start defense of the title in the Bronx against the New York Yankees. For a change, they're chasing us. How sweet it is!

86 years....we suffered long enough...hang the lanterns in Old North Church....and wherever you are in Red Sox Nation, enjoy's been a long time coming.

Monday, October 25, 2004

There will be no updates until after the World Series.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Blood and Guts
"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he today that sheds his blood with me Shall be my brother: be he ne'er so vile, This day shall gentle his condition."

Down 3 games to none and on the verge of playoff elimination, something has happened that has never happened in the history of major league baseball, game 7 will be played. Twenty five times previous the team down 3-0 has never forced a game 7. Only three times has game 6 ever been played, yet here we are, staring down history and history blinked.

The emotional roller coaster that has been the American League Championship Series between the Red Sox and Yankees will conclude tonight. Game 7 in the Bronx in the House that Ruth Built. The Yankees and 26 World Championships and the Red Sox and the Curse. The Yankees failing to close the deal over the last three games, the Red Sox battling for their playoff life.

I have seen a lot of baseball in my mere 26 years, but never something that of the last three nights. The cake was taken last night by Curt Schilling. The ace of the Red Sox staff, the man who was signed in the off season to get over the hump and beat the Yankees, the man who was lit up in game 1 and who's ankle woes appeared to end his season. A special high top show was made to support the ailing tendons, he threw on the side, and then announced that the problem was taken care off and he would be ready to pitch game 6. The Red Sox got him his chance and he pitched a brillant 7 innings, giving up 1 run. Yet, the story is more than a gutsy performance from a man needing surgery at year's end.

The injury to Schilling involves a tear in a sheath of tissue covering two tendons in the ankle, this causes one of the tendons to slip out and rub bone when he pitches. I don't know all the anatomy behind it, but I can only speculate that it hurts like hell. After game 1, Boston had all but shut down the big man for the year. Reebok and doctors fitted Schilling with a custom high top pair of spikes to add more support. He threw on the side. He pitched game 6, he wore the low tops and bled. He bled through his white sanitary sock, turning the area around his ankle a deep crimson. The blood ran from the start, his sock soaked red, he pitched the most dramatic post season outing ever. Yet, the questions lingered, why is he bleeding? As it turns out, Schilling had his skin sutured between the tendons of his ankle, preventing them from moving over the bone. The sutures were breaking, between innings, he was stiched back up. He went back out. By his own admission he began struggling in the 4th inning, but lasted another 3. Watching the game, I'll take struggles like that from any pitcher in the game.

After the game, a tired Schilling simply said this, "I was touched by God tonight. Last time I tried to do it alone... it was God's work... I had had enough (after 7), I was struggling from the fourth inning on. I made some mistakes but they hit them right at people."

So now it on to game 7. Had you told me three days ago, after the 19-8 Boston Massacre that the Yankees slammed the Red Sox with to go up 3-0, that game 7 would happen, even I, a diehard Red Sox fan would have scoffed at the notion, yet here we are. One game between the Red Sox and Yankees for the right to go to the World Series. The Red Sox seek their first trip since 1986, when they lost to the Mets in 7 games. I was in second grade and 8 years old. It's been 16 years. In that time great players have come and gone, but one was traded to Houston for Larry Andersen in 1988. Andersen played 15 games for Boston and his career has been lost to the history of baseball players who came and went. The young man who was traded, a hard throwing right handed pitcher from Double-A minor league affiliate New Britian went on to have a Hall of Fame career and win a World Championship. He returned and last night bled his socks red to force a game 7.

I do not know if the ghost will return tonight, the Red Sox fan in me knows that is always possible. But I do know this, the last three nights have been the greatest display of heart and team work I have ever seen. This is the greatest Red Sox team I have ever seen. Tonight, they will again stare history in the eyes, we can just watch to see who blinks.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Not much today, sorry loyal readers.

The Red Sox won the ALDS in 3 games sweeping the Angels on Big Papi's (David Ortiz) walk of homer in the bottom of the 10th.

The Red Sox lost game 1 of the ALCS 10-7 to the Evil Empire, Schilling was shelled.

Congratulations to Lesley on landing a job. It is sales and it is commission but hey, we all start somewhere. With any luck, she will traveling the world to "research" for her job.

On another front, if anyone see's any openings for a Civil/Geotechnical Engineer with an EIT and a Master's in Texas (i.e. College Station, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston areas) let me know. If you're the last one to realize the ship is sinking, chances are they're out of life vests. Especially when the captain already cleaned out his stateroom.

And I wonder why I don't sleep well anymore.

Friday, October 08, 2004

243 Outs to Go

So it's a slow morning at the office and the anticipation leading up to game 3 of the Red Sox/Angels series is killing me. 27 outs and more runs on the board than the Angels and it is on to the league championship series. That's the optimist in me, the part of me that wants to shout to the world that this is the year, this is the year I can finish the poem that has been in my head for 18 years, this is the year that 85 years of hearbreak ends.

Then there is the fan in me, the bittered Sox fan so use to heartbreak and tears that I await the wheels falling off the wagon as a regular right of fall. There are few things a native New Englander can be sure of this time of year, they are the leaves changing, the temperatures dropping, a sale on snow blowers where none are sold because who needs one when you have a shovel (until the first big winter storm and then you pay double the regular price and triple or more the sale price), and the Red Sox finding a way to rip out our hearts yet again. Like the changing of the seasons, it just is something to expect.

When Harry Frazee sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees after 1919 season, the Babe said Boston would never win a championship again. So far, the Sox haven't. In that time the Yankees have won 26 World championships and Babe Ruth, the dominate left handed pitcher for the Red Sox, has become and American sports legend as one of the most prolific power hitters in the history of baseball (and Ruth made his name in the days of big parks and dead balls!). Such was the birth of the Curse of the Bambino.

To elaborate, in 1918 the Red Sox won their 5th World Series, the most by any club at that time. One of the stars of the Boston championship franchise was a young pitcher by the name of George Herman Ruth, aka The Babe or The Bambino. In 1920, however, Red Sox owner Harry Frazee needed money to finance his girlfriend's play, so he sold Babe Ruth's contract to Colonel Jacob Ruppert's New York Yankees for $100,000 (plus a loan collateralized by Fenway Park).
Since then, the Yankees, who had never won a World Championship before acquiring Ruth, have gone on to win 26, and are arguably one of the greatest success stories in the history of sport.
Meanwhile, the Boston Red Sox have appeared in only four World Series since 1918, losing each one in game seven. In 1946, Enos Slaughter's mad dash home won it for the St. Louis Cardinals in game 7 while Johnny Pesky, the Red Sox shortstop, double clutched the ball trying to get it out his glove on a relay. In 1967, the St. Louis Cardinals again beat the Red Sox in game 7, effectively shutting down Hall of Famer Carl Yastremski (a distant relative of mine), aka. Yaz or Captain Carl. In 1975, in what many contend to be the greatest series of all time, the Sox lost game 7 to the Reds. Ironically, everyone remembers Carlton Fisk's homerun to win game 6 to force game 7 in the 1975 series. Finally, in the only World Series the Red Sox have been to in my lifetime, the Sox lost to the New York Mets in 7 games.

The 1986 series is perhaps the biggest heartbreaker of them all. The Red Sox had a 3 games to 2 lead going into game 6 at Shea Stadium in New York. The Sox were one strike away from winning the series, multiple times, and could not seal the deal. The game ended on the infamous bouncing ball going between Bill Buckner's legs at first. Buckner never should have been in the game at that time, as he had been replaced for defensive reasons all post season by the more sure handed Dave Stapelton. Sox manager John McNamara later revealed Buckner was in because he was a veteran and the manager wanted him to be on the field for the celebration. The game 6 loss crushed the Sox and effectively ended the series as game 7 was a mere formality. Ironically, the best pitcher that post season for Boston was not the young, flame thrower from Katy, TX named Roger Clemens, but a veteran lefty named Bruce Hurst. In a twist of fate, there had not been a better left handed starter in the post season since Babe Ruth for Boston. The dagger to the heart being, if you look at the name Bruce Hurst, you can rearrange the letters in his name to get B. Ruth Curse.

The idea of a curse goes deeper. Before Carlton Fisk's number 27 was retired and the numbers on the right field roof placed in numerical order, the numbers aligned in the form of 9 4 1 8. As a date that would be 9/4/18, September 4, 1918, the day before the start of the 1918 World Series, the last one won by Boston. An ominous reminder that it's always the day before you start the series you will win, always not getting the win, forever waiting.

I don't fully buy into the idea that a team is cursed, but it is quite odd. I'm sorry, I forgot to add the icing to the cake. The 1918 World Series was won by the Red Sox, however, the losers in that series, the Chicago Cubs.

So as the clock ticks down to game 3 with the Angels, I can not be confident and happy for the lead which the Sox have in the first round. I am full of nervous energy and can not sit still. I will miss most of the game while at work, but that is what yahoo live update is for, and much like game 1 I will be doing my best to to watch my tongue in the office. This time of year marks a radical shift in my personality for a few weeks, which is evident when the Sox are playing even more so than when they have an off day or the games are over or fixing to start. I can't help it, my name is Ed, and I am a Red Sox fan. There is only one cure, but I dare not think about it.

That in mind, I have concluded on thing for those who might have wondered about me and my well being this time of year. If I ever meet a woman who understand this side of me, who can put up with and tolerate it, first hand. I might be tempted to skip the entire dating/courting thing all together and propose there on the spot, because she would be a keeper and a rare find. However, I doubt such a woman exists.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Lyrics for the Postseason


Tessie is the Royal Rooters rally cry
Tessie is the song they always sung
Tessie echoed April through October nights
After serenading Stahl, Dineen and Young
Tessie is a maiden with the sparkling eyes
Tessie is a maiden with the love
She doesn't know the meaning of her sight
She's got a comment full of love
And sometimes when the game is on the line
Tessie always carried them away
Up the road from Third Base to Huntington
The boys will always sing and sway

Two! Three! Four!

Tessie, Nuff Ced McGreevy shouted
We're not here to mess around
Boston, you know we love you madly
Hear the crowd roar to your sound
Don't blame us if we ever doubt you
You know we couldn't live without you
Tessie, you are the only, only, only
The Rooters showed up at the Grounds one day
They found their seats had all been sold
McGreevy led the charge into the park
Stormed the gates and put the game on hold
The Rooters gave the other team a dreadful fright
Boston's tenth man could not be wrong
Up from Third Base to Huntington
They sang another victory song

Two! Three! Four!

Tessie, Nuff Ced McGreevy shouted
We're not here to mess around
Boston, you know we love you madly
Hear the crowd roar to your sound
Don't blame us if we ever doubt you
You know we couldn't live without you
Tessie, you are the only, only, only
The Rooters gave the other team a dreadful fright
Boston's tenth man could not be wrong
Up from Third Base to HuntingtonThey sang another victory song

Two! Three! Four!

Tessie, Nuff Ced McGreevy shouted
We're not here to mess around
Boston, you know we love you madly
Hear the crowd roar to your sound
Don't blame us if we ever doubt you
You know we couldn't live without you
Boston, you are the only, only, only
Don't blame us if we ever doubt you
You know we couldn't live without you
Red Sox, you are the only, only, only

Dirty Water

I'm gonna tell you a story
I'm gonna tell you about my town
I'm gonna tell you a big bad story, baby
Aww, it's all about my town

Yeah, down by the river
Down by the banks of the river Charles (aw, that's what's happenin' baby)
That's where you'll find me
Along with lovers, fuggers, and thieves (aw, but they're cool people)
Well I love that dirty water
Oh, Boston, you're my home (oh, you're the Number One place)
Frustrated women (I mean they're frustrated)
Have to be in by twelve o'clock (oh, that's a shame)
But I'm wishin' and a-hopin, oh
That just once those doors weren't locked (I like to save time formy baby to walk around)
Well I love that dirty water
Oh, Boston, you're my home (oh, yeah)
Because I love that dirty water
Oh, oh, Boston, you're my home (oh, yeah)
Well, I love that dirty water (I love it, baby)
I love that dirty water (I love Baw-stun)
I love that dirty water (Have you heard about the Strangler?)
I love that dirty water (I'm the man, I'm the man)
I love that dirty water (Owww!)
I love that dirty water (Come on, come on)

At 3:00 PM central time, the Boston Red Sox will begin their ALDS series in Anaheim against the Angels. At which time, I shall be at work, but will be expecting the men in the white coats to come get me. I shall be certifiable for the remainder of the Red Sox playoff run. So roll out some Dropkick Murphys and start spinning "Tessie" and "Dirty Water." And don't forget, to finish singing along to Neil Diamond...."Hands, touching hands, reaching out...Touching me, touching you......Oh, sweet Caroline, Good times never seem so good"...

Call my doctor and have him up my meds, cause I've lost it.

Let's go Red Sox!
Let's go Red Sox!
Let's go Red Sox!

p.s. locate Dave Henderson and pull him out of retirement.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Sneak Peek At 2005

The baseball gods are finally doing somethings right and I may have a vacation trip to plan to the North Side of Chicago next June. What self respecting Red Sox fan would not try to get to Wrigley to watch the battle of the loveable losers at Wrigley Field.

"The Red Sox won't have to wait long to see how they match up with their archrivals, the New York Yankees, next season.

According to the 2005 schedule, yet to be officially released but obtained from an industry source, the Red Sox will open the season in Yankee Stadium on April 4, the start of a three-game series. It will mark the first time the two teams have opened against one another anywhere since 1992, when the Sox began their season in the Bronx.
It's possible that the opening matchup might still be moved up a day to Sunday, April 3, for a prime-time telecast on ESPN. This season, the Sox kicked off their season with a similar Sunday night telecast in Baltimore.

After a three-game weekend series in Toronto, the Sox will also host the Yankees in their home opener on April 11. Not since 1985 have the Yankees been the visiting team for a Red Sox home opener.

The Sox will travel back to New York on Memorial Day weekend for a three-game set May 27-29, then host the Yankees in the first four games after the All-Star break -- July 14-17.
Finally, the teams will have two more series in September -- three games in New York Sept. 9-11 before closing the regular season with a three-game series at Fenway on Sept. 30, Oct. 1 and Oct. 2.

Boston will play three National League teams on the road and host three others in interleague play. The Sox host Atlanta May 20-22, travel to St. Louis June 6-8, then, for the first time, meet the Chicago Cubs in the regular season in a three-game set June 10-12 at Wrigley Field."

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Alfred, Bring the Car Around

So, after having spent most of last night up to my ears in laundry, I have decided to get on the bandwagon of searching for a butler. The idea was first brandied about earlier this week by Ol' Army's very own Kyle Newcomer, who's blog I've added a link to on the left. Now, I don't know Kyle all that well, but we share many mutual friends and have shared an evening or two with a few pints and those friends. But on to my point, which may turn into a rehash of Kyle, but with a few things added or subtracted, we shall see.

If I had a butler, I do believe I would have a lot more free time to waste watching movies, NASCAR, baseball, and traveling. Heck, I wouldn't even have to drive! Not only that, I'd have a means of seeing my laundry done regularly without any hassle on my part to get it done. This in and of itself is reason enough to get a butler. No more ironing, worrying about burning clothes because of the setting not being the same on the clothes and the iron, despite both being "medium" or "low." Freshly, pressed and hanging for me to choose from my wardrobe.

With the butler comes the automatic upgrade out of the aprtment I currently sleep in, to a nice manor in the Victorian style, possibly with my own secret super hero "batcave" or "fortress of solitude" (and yes I know the fortress of solitude in Superman mythos is an ice cave at the south pole). This in turn means a nice Bentley to be driven around in, may I suggest a straight 8-cylinder classic look.

With said manor, comes the automatic upgrade to handsome, rich guy. No matter how but ugly a man is, money makes him attractive because "chicks dig the car." Amazingly turning my life into one of hobnobbing with wealthy philanthropists and heads of state. Such gala events would provide excellent date settings, especially if we're talking big bands and lot's of dancing, slow dancing, where while dancing one can carry on a conversation with one's dance partner.

After such events, I would be obliged to bring said lady back to the manor for wine by the fire place, perhaps more conversation, or just watching a movie, wait back up, let's make that just watching the stars in the observatory of said manor. Then I could send her home with a ride in the Bentley, while I go to sleep soundly in a nice comfy bed, with goose down pillows and comforter.

So you see, a butler means instant upgrade. Fame, fortune....wait a minute, I really don't want those. Ok so there is a snag in the plan, but it's in its infancy. It can be modified. Besides, the butler gets rid of pressure to find a wife to cook and clean and pretty much keep things from getting too manish around the manor. Of course, it also rules out the companionship which a woman can provide to her husband. Of course, with things the way they are right now and with little to no prospects on the horizon (of course I am usually blind to them do to my own foolish nature at times), a butler may be good for the short term and if I want to keep him around after any wedding, well...the wife can always hire a maid, unless she brings one with her and it's not the mother-in-law. Dang, this is more complicated than I thought.

Well, obviously I need better planning. So until next time remember that John Kerry being elected President is the worst thing that could happen since Greedo shooting first!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The Hunt For Red (S0x) October

As September winds down the Hunt for October is heating up. Last night the Red Sox beat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays to clinch a spot in the American League Playoffs, as at least the wild card team. They can still win the AL East division by making up 3 games on the Yankees with 6 to play. The Yankee Magic Number is 4, which means any combination of Red Sox losses and Yankee wins adding up to 4 will make New York the AL East champions, again.

Red Sox Nation is happy, but will not be satisfied unless the Dirt Dawgs from the Fens can bring home the first World Championship since 1918.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Why is it that some days I just can't get out of bed? I mean seriously, do I really need to stare at the clock up until the last possible minute I can without being late to the office? I like my job, I like my co-workers and still some mornings I just can't get going.

Perhaps it is because I have a whole lot of stuff on my mind lately, which I will not get into here because some it can only get me into a hole. So I shall observe the second rule of holes, if you think you might dig one, don't bring the shovel out of the shed. For those of you not familar with the first rule of holes, it is simply when you find yourself digging one deeper and deeper, stop.

Which brings me to now, now. Cause we just past then...just now. (I felt like a Spaceballs reference was needed). Here I sit, early in the morning with an open can of Coke on my desk in order to attempt to get some caffeine into my system, it doesn't seem to be working though. The next stage would be a trip to Starbuck's for something stronger and much more pricey. I don't see that happening though, which is good for the wallet.

Did I mention we're down to 8 staffers in the office on a regular basis, if not we are, which is not good. I do not not know what the future holds for us here, but my resume is polished and I am keeping my eyes and ears opened for other opportunities. I'm not saying I plan on leaving this job, it's just if anything happens I want to be ready to move quickly on to other things.

Speaking of other things, I am beginning to consider vacation plans for next year. So many friends have come to tell me of their experiences in Europe, Australia, and places around the US that I am really trying to figure out something different. Please use the comment feature to add your suggestions. Also, my friends, if you are thinking of traveling anywhere, let's talk cause it would be more fun to go with friends somewhere.

Speaking if the comment feature....use it people!

Ok, my caffeine infusion is done, here's hoping it works. And note to self: I need to look into the CCL/CHL classes here in town.

Until next time, remember:

Kermit : How did you get a driver's license?
Fozzie : I took a correspondence course.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

For What It's Worth

Paparazzi is an interesting movie, go see it if you get the chance.

Of all the movies on the horizon, Friday Night Lights intrigues me the most.

The Red Sox continue their march to October, this weekend brings three games in the Bronx. Baseball in September, I like it!

The Patriots won the first game of the year, beating the Colts 27-24. By my count, that is win number 16 in the streak. Next up, on the road vs. Arizona and a shot at number 17.

If a tree falls in the woods, does anyone still the hear the locking of ice rinks to NHL players?

The Bungles...I mean Bengals are favored over the Dolphins. This could be the first time this has happened since the days of the Icky Shuffle.

The Aggies shutout Wyoming 31-0. I still do not want hear the chant of Wrecking Crew. The defense is not the crew until QB's run for their life, corners stick like glue on receivers, and a good run is getting back to the line of scrimmage. Bring on Bowden and Clemson. One step at time.

The third deck at Kyle Field is interesting, I don't like it, but it's interesting.

Speaking of which, Barticus...where's my ticket upgrade?

I don't know about you Bunky, Roger Clemens could win the Cy Young award in the National League. Why can't the Red Sox get pitchers like that?

Rick Ankiel has returned to the majors, a true story of trials and perserverance for that young man. I can't help but root for him to succeed.

I must eat crow Bunky, I am enjoying this new Chase for the Nextel Cup in NASCAR. Of course if you had told me at the beginning of year that Dale Jarrett and Kevin Harvick would be out and Elliot Sadler and Jeremy Mayfield would be in, I'd have given the number of a good shrink and asked for some of those 'shrooms.

Dan Rather might be getting a nice slice of humble pie. CBS...constantly broadcasting silliness.

Somehow, I never got the memo to watch Joey on NBC. Then again, I never got the one to put a cover letter on my TPS reports. I see a developing pattern.

Speaking of television shows, when does the new season of JAG begin?

Well until next time, you'll put down your rock and I'll put down my sword, and we'll try and kill each other like civilized people.

New Look, Same Great Taste!

Yes, you are in the right place, I'm doing some major renovations to my blog. Going for a more classic look, more streamlined, and less cluttered look to it.

I am scrapping the flooble chatterbox, because no one uses the dang thing. So it is gone the way of the dodo, and I don't mean the one's we saw in Follow That Bird. If you remember that movie, I'm glad I am not the only one!

I Beg Your Pardon?

On another note, welcome Lesley to the blogging crowd! The "Orange Crush" has fallen into the abyss with the rest of we bloggers. I look forward to reading what she has write about who knows what. Welcome to the club Lesley. Use the easy to find link to see her blog!

Well I must get back to work, I will post something more substansive soon...maybe even another edition of FWIW! You all can only hope!

Friday, September 10, 2004

If I Could Build A Time Machine

I wouldn't got back to 1982, like that dweeb in Napolean Dynamite that's for sure. But that idea got me thinking, if I could build a time machine, where would I go, if I could? Granted I wouldn't want to be anywhere but where I am now, at this moment, but it's nice to day dream when things at work are too dang slow.

I'd go back to 1776 and stand with the Colonial Army when Washington ordered the Declaration of Independence read. I'd go back to 1863 and from a mountain top look down upon Gettysburg and the waters which ran red. I'd go to 1941 and watch the sneak attack on that fateful December day from the land of the rising sun. I'd go to the beaches of France on the 6th of June when hell spat out it's fury onto the beaches of Normandy.

I'd go to Waterloo and watch that Frenchie get squashed like a bug under shoe. I'd go to 1918 and see the Red Sox win it all. I'd go back to 1990 and the summer of baseball and the autumn of football. I'd go back to the dawn of time to see it all spread out before my eyes and glimpse the wonderful start of God's creation. I'd go an converse with Stonewall, Lee, Grant, Sherman, and Chamberlain to understand them more than a book could ever tell. I'd go back to a little town in Illinois called Dixon and meet a kid named Dutch Reagan and buy him a beer and thank him for what he would grow to do. I'd go back and say goodbye to ole Smokey, Candy I, and sweet young first 3 dogs, in a manner my young mind never figured out when they had to go I think they all went "to join circus" or something folks tell their kids to avoid the blow of the death of a pet.

I'd go back to a place and time where the worries of today were far from my mind. When snowmen were the only thing to worry about in the winter and how long past curfew could you push playing baseball up the street at the field with the neighborhood boys was the biggest worry in summer. A Del's lemonade was just a ride away, Iggy's Doughboys up at Oakland Beach were a treat, and a morning breakfast at Snoopy's Diner on the way to Newport was a grand adventure. Yes, there was a picture of everyone's favorite beagle and WWI flying ace on the sign and the menu's.

But there is no time machine, so I make due. I'm a little more serious, have some more responsibilites and more duty to others. Yet, there's still a hint of that kid inside that gets loose every now and then, for better or worse.

Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional, a song remembers when, and you're always 17 in your home town.

But man, if I could build me a time machine, I'd go places. Even back to December 1995. Convinced coach to not call that play...we would have won state.

Monday, September 06, 2004

The Red Sox enter today's action just 2 and half games behind the Evil Empire. A month ago it looked as if they were sinking fast and would be battling for the wild card, now a division title is within site. I am excited and couple that with the Patriots opening up the year on Thursday night at home against the Colts. My sports viewing is exciting and enjoyable. Now if only someone would come through with a ticket to this Saturday night's Wyoming game, I would be very grateful, but if they can't it will not be the end of the world, though I will not be in great spirits about missing the game.

I have had a lot on my mind the last week or so, mainly involving work. Things have been very slow the past few months. Last week ownership announced an organizational shakeup where much of the marketing responsibilty was given to the rank and file, with some individuals becoming "team" leaders. Well, I happened to be (un)fortunate enough to be one of these. As if the stress of not knowing if the doors will open tomorrow add to that the knowledge that the well being and jobs of my fellow co-workers now rest on the results that some of us will be responsible. Now, I'm not marketing guru so it makes for some interesting times. I find my only solace and comfort in prayer that what I do will serve the Lord and the knowledge that the Lord has placed me where He has for His purposes. If not for this, I can only imagine how unbearable I would be to be around right now.

With today being Labor Day, I can think of nothing more fitting than the reminder that the Lord has an intended purpose for us all, for His glory and that we should approach our jobs with Him in mind and not the worries and stress of this world. Of course, it is easier said than done.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Dawn Has Broken

First things first... last weekend I had the great honor of traveling to Belverde, Texas to visit my good friend Wendy and go tubing on a river near her place (which is beautiful by the way). Much fun was had by all of us! The secret, in my humble opinion, was the sauce and the wood! Thank you's go out to Wendy and her folks for allowing us to stay at their house on the hill, where deer are in the back yard when you wake up! Good luck moving up to Big "D' Wendy, enjoy school, you're going to do great!

The past week has seen the return of the Aggies to College Station, which means long lines, more traffic, and of course folks wandering around lost. Oh, how I do love it. Of course, it also means the return of many friends who I haven't seen in awhile and the chance to hang out with others on a more regular basis.

Tonight, our beloved Aggie football team kicks off the season at Utah on ESPN. I will make no prediction, but I expect the team to be hungry for success after the nightmare which saw them whipped like a government mule by most of the conference. They have something to prove to themselves. "Who do you play for?"....indeed.

The night is gone and dawn breaks on another football season, another school year, and a whole bunch of new things. Here is to new beginnings, old friends, new friends, and new understanding.

As they say, when you just know.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Ted Moorman!

I had the great honor of attending the wedding of two of my closest friends yesterday at the First Baptist Church in Waco, TX. Yes, I do understand the irony of the Moorman wedding between two reformed Christians who enjoy alcohol in moderation at the Baptist church. Not only that, I was fortunate to travel to the wedding with two more of my close friends, Amanda and Ben (links to their blogs are to the right).

The ceremony kicked off promptly at 2 in the afternoon. Sara in her unique way enthusiastically replied "I will" to the declaration of intent. To those who know her, it was not surprising. Both Mr. Moorman and Dr. Eisenbarth participated in the Scripture Readings, Dr. Eisenbarth reading Ephesians 5:22-23 and Mr. Moorman reading 1 Corinthians 13. Marriage ceremony was overseen by Rev. Wade Coleman of Westminster Presbyterian Church, right here in Aggieland where Ted and Sara (along with the previously mentioned Amanda and Ben, along with myself) attend worship services. Granted I have only been to three weddings, and all three within the last month and half or so, however I was just amazed at how simple and classy the Moorman wedding was yesterday.

I met Ted and Sara just about a year ago through reformed University Fellowship (RUF) on the A&M campus, it was nice meeting other grad students because for most of the previous spring and summer I was either the only one or just unaware of any others. Along with Rich,Ben, Allen, Juli, and Allyson (the intern) we quickly became known as "The Grads", an elite circle of power with the ability to enjoy alcohol with the interns. Total strangers who very quickly developed very close friendships. In retrospect, Ted and Sara seemed destined to be more than friends and looking back with hindsight, the Hand of God can be seen in their relationship. I think this past New Year's marked a visible turning point in their relationship (though the signs had been there before then if we had paid more attention to things). They began officially in February and two weeks later they were engaged (what we refer to as the land speed record...if they didn't know this, well now they was meant in love my friends). Wedding plans started and after some time, the big day came. As far as I know, their first kiss was their kiss at the end of ceremony which I do believe brought a tear to Ted's eye, but smiles to the faces of all those there. I shall be honest I had to blink back a tear myself, such was my joy for my friends.

The reception was simple, and the first time I had heard of a receiving line for the parents and the couple. It was much like I would envision a state dinner. Though I could tell Mrs. Eisenbarth could not remember me and I delayed giving her my name just long enough to see a hint of confusion in her eyes. Granted, it was probably bad protocol on my part, but once I told her who I was I could see everything register, even with Dr. Eisenbarth. I believe if Sara and Ted were paying attention, they would have found a chuckle in the exchange.

It was a first class wedding, may their marriage be as long, as their courtship was short!

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The Unexpected Things In Life

On Monday, during a phone conversation with my Nana, I learned about death of Robert Howard, Shea High School-Class of 1994 and former Rhode Island All-State Triple Jumper and Olympian. She mentioned some odd details and I have been following the story in the media, i.e. the ProJo website (that's Rhode Islandese for The Providence Journal). Robert Howard was a med-student at the University of Arkansas and had been married for about a year. Campus police, upon discovering a trail of blood near some of the dorms followed it, found Howard in a dorm wearing scrubs and covered in blood. Howard fled, locked himself in a room, was able to open a window on the 10th floor and jumped to his death. Police found his wife brutally stabbed in their off campus apartment a short time later. She was a Harvard graduate, who joined the Marines and then went to Arkansas to become a neurosurgeon. Reports indicate that Howard was unhappy about not qualifying for this years games in Athens, specualtion appears to be that this could have been a contributing factor to his state of mind Saturday evening.

I saw a picture of Robert Howard in one of the articles I have read and realized that I had, in passing, known this man. Not just by name, he graduating from Providence's Shea High School in 1994, I from Warwick's Pilgrim High School in 1996, but he was also a member of the Providence Cobras, a track team my brother ran for during his summers in High School. The Cobras, were coached by my brother's high school coach. So I was able to place the face with the many from the Cobra's practices at Brown University. The face I remember was that of a young man, with Olympic hopes and dreams and a smile on his face. A far cry from the image reported in the papers of a man covered in blood, apparently from brutally murdering his wife, who would take his own life. A part of me can not fathom it, another part is not surprised because in a fallen world we should not be surprised at the evil that fills it.

There is a part of me that finds it difficult to understand such behavior and to understand how a husband could kill his wife. I don't understand how any man could even raise a hand in anger to his wife, though I can recall my father doing such before my folks were divorced when I was 3 (I don't think my family thinks I remember such stuff, but some things are retained even at such a young age). There is a part of me that wonders how people can forgive such behavior, not condone it but truly forgive. Forgiveness is probably the most difficult thing to do, not only to forgive but to forget and move on. Yet, we must forgive. We have such a great example in Christ who even while being crucified prayed for those who put him to death to be forgiven for they knew not what they did. It is through our faith in Chirst that our sins are forgiven and God's mercy and grace are placed upon us, when we truly deserve God's justice for all the sins we have committed. God's mercy and grace are infinite, a thought which when dwelled upon is great and humbling. I can only pray that Robert's wife had faith in Christ, even as she was experiencing a horrible death. I also pray that Robert had faith in Christ and in his last moments repented for what he had done. It is said that if we truly knew who we'd see in heaven, we'd be surprised at the faces we'd see and at the one's we didn't. I pray that when I reach that far off shore, I may see the Howard's and see Robert's young smiling face before the darkness came upon him.
Not everyone may get similar thoughts out of such news, but this one just hit me in this fashion. Out of the unexpected things in life, out of darkness, we can all find reminders, or rather lessons, of the ever abounding grace and mercy of our Lord.

Till Next Time, Grace & Peace,


p.s. Welcome home Amanda! Thanks for the wafers!

Monday, August 16, 2004

2 Year Anniversary

I moved to Texas 2 years ago today. Best thing that ever happened to me! WHOOOOP!

Friday, August 13, 2004


The defending Super Bowl Champions, the New England Patriots start the 2004 preseason schedule tonight against Philadelphia. Preseason does not count, but it is important for the guys 50 through 80 on the depth chart. Also, all eyes will be on the Patriots this season to see if they truly are the first dynasty in the free agent era where parity has been the name of the game.

I concede the AL East to the Yankees, the Red Sox will win the wild card, if they play well down the stretch.

Aggie football starts September 2 at Utah. All sense of reality has left me until the first punt, turnover, or Ute scoring drive. This year we win the National Championship.

Sometimes, when you're feeling low, just the simplest smile from a friend can lift your mood.

The Budweiser crew needs to get its act together if they want to win the Nextel Cup.

Election season is beginning to bore me, wake me up if the canidates say something I haven't heard before.

So Kobe might get off without a trial (no pun intended)? If the allegations are true, the ineptness of the legal system when celebs are defendants continues, with no surprise to me.

Why go to work when there is no work to be done? I love my job and all but I can just as easily do nothing from comfort of home.

August 28....tubing out towards San Antonio with friends, one of the highlights of the month.

Jeff Burton signs with RCR to drive the AOL car, maybe he can win a race, though he might need directions to Victory Lane.

Rumor around the office says we're moving and I'm getting my own office. So if anyone sees a "Costanza" desk, let me know.

The Olympics officially kick off tonight in Athens. I still don't trust NBC with their "live coverage", am I the only one who realizes a lot of this stuff is taped and the only thing live is the talking studio heads.

That aside, I want to see Rulon win another gold.

If the ancient Greeks could see what we've done to the games, they'd puke.

In a perfect world, I would have Walt's Roast Beef for lunch today, Newport Creamery for dinner, and go to Twin Oaks and Marchetti's, Aunt Carrie's and Greggs this weekend. Oh and did I mention I could use some Caserta's too!

Dang, maybe I'll just go get lunch at the Chicken...

till next time,
God Bless


Thursday, August 05, 2004


Ok, as many of my friends know and have learned over the years, I have a passion for the game of baseball. Granted I am passionate about a great many things, however very few surpass my love of the game. That is why I was elated to read an article on World Magazine's website regarding what I will call olde timey baseball. Baseball in it's purest form, mid-19th century rules and equipment. A new wave sweeping small towns around the country, where the game is played according to rules of gentlemanly ettiquette. Simply put, nothing that will offend a lady. I must admit, I think this is without a doubt the coolest thing I've heard of in a long, long time. I'm going to have to some research on this, because I'd like to learn more about it.

Friday, July 30, 2004

With very little to do in the office today, I decided to give thought to updating the blog.  With a wedding in Dallas this weekend, I don't know when I would next have an opportunity to do so.  I can warm you now loyal reader, this entry is going to be a hodge-podge of thoughts with no central theme to them, except they're in my head currently.

I have been reading the 9/11 Commission Report, I am a dork- I know this, and so far it is quite interesting.  It delves more deeply into the mindset and policies of US Intelligence pre September eleventh and also gives a very good background on Al Queda.  One conclusion I am coming to in reading the report is that the capture of Bin Laden is only a symbolic goal, but not a requirement for defeating and dismantling that terrorist organization.  It would be a morale boost to the American public, but overall would not seriously disrupt the operation of the organization.

This week has seen the Democratic National Convention in Boston going through the formality of selecting the Kerry/Edwards ticket as their parties nomination for the Presidential election.  The party came out with a very conservative platform, trying to reposition itself more in the center in an attempt to shed the liberal label.  I do not think they will be successful, though most of the American public is dumb and stupid to believe anything because they are too lazy to actually think and form their own opinions.  It is expected that the ticket will receive a nice bounce in the polls coming out of the convention, yet I do not foresee it being as big as many predict.   The canidates offered some ideas, but no substance on how to achieve them and fund them.  I assume taxes will go up to foot the bill for most of them.

The focus on education is central to both parties.  Personally, the responsibility to provide education to the masses is not a Constitutionally granted power of the Federal government.  The more I dwell upon it, the more I begin to opine that such responsibility should rest with the states.  This would eliminate the Department of Education at the Federal level and free up more money that the Federal government could send directly to the states.  In order to insure that standards are in place and fairly equal, perhaps a governing board of state representatives should meet regularly, call is a Continental Congress of Educators.   As for higher education, every student who wishes to go to college has the opportunity to do so.  Granted, it may not be an "Ivy", no matter how over rated they are, but the opportunity is there.  However, I do not agree with the ideas floated about in some realms that every student needs to go to college.  College is not ideal for everyone, I would rather see someone wanting to become a mechanic or a plumber serve as an apprentice in that trade.  I do not see plumbing becoming a major at Harvard anytime soon.  This is no doubt an extreme example, but not every student is cut out for college.  Nor are all students who wish to go prepared emotionally to deal with the college environment fresh out of high school.  The undergraduate education is becoming devalued in society when the marketplace is flooded by job seekers holding them.  It has become the equivalent of a high school diploma a few generations ago.  This lends slight truth to the joke of liberal arts majors who learn the most important sentence to know on their first job, post graduation, is: "Would you like fries with that?"  

My Hokie friend, Ben Vastine, updated his blog recently and mentioned the moving on of friends.  Those who are going on to jobs, marriage, grad schools, internships, mission work, etc.  A link to his blog is over on the right.  I do not want to be repetitive, but he hits the nail square on the head.  It's sad to see them go, but we'll see each other again.  It reminds me of a song from one of my favorite movies, "Hope Floats", a duet by Bob Seger and Martina McBride called "Chances Are" some of the lyrics are: "Chances are you'll find me Somewhere on your road tonight Seems I always end up driving by Ever since I've known you It seems you're on my way....I remember clearly how you looked The night we met I recall your laughter and your smile I remember how you made me Feel so at ease I remember all your grace and your style"
Grace and style can be added to beauty and character.

In a closing note, I saw the "Bourne Supremacy" earlier this week.  Go see it, good movie.  However, something about that movie struck me and has stayed with me.  Here is an action movie, marketed towards adults and teens.  A great story, no over the top special effects and trick gadgets, violence that is not graphic, and very little profanity.... if any (I don't recall there being any that stood out).  It was classic Hollywood.  Studio folk can learn that good movies can still be made without shocking the audience or dazzling them with smoke and mirrors.

Well until next time.. Grace & Peace.


Thursday, July 22, 2004

On the twenty-second day of July, in the year one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight I was born in the City of Warwick in the State of Rhode Island.  Twenty-six years have now passed since that great day.  In honor of this historic day (ok, semi-historic) I present 26 things I fondly recall and 26 things I want to do in life.

26 Things from the Past 26 Years
1.  Auburn Tool & Die vs.  Johnston's Post...My only out of the park homerun.
2. Bill Buckner and Game 6 in 1986
3. Roger Clemens and 20k's vs. Seattle when I was in first grade.
4. Going to the zoo with my Pa and little bro and watching the polar bears.
5. Vacations in New Hampshire in the white mountains in the summer time.
6. "Up mine"...long story
7.  I broke my elbow on the monkey bars.
8.  I almost lost an eye walking into a door going upstairs.
9.  Tagging the corner of the school while playing tag and 16 stiches above my eye.
10. Winning the Rhode Island State Wrestling Championship for the first time on Mom's Birthday.
11. That Jr. High yearbook video...I pray it never sees the light of day.
12. That kid with the pink singlet at the New England Wrestling Championships, whipped us all and taught us a lesson about guys wearing pink..they need to be good to wear it.
13. Inman and Zubeyk
14. Pilgrim Patriot Pride
15. My brother striking out 18 in two straight games in Little League (6 inning games)
16. Ray Black in the parking lot, Thanksgiving 1993.
17. Slick Vic's English Class and Mr. D's History class.
18. 1995, magic returns to Pilgrim football...State Title game...just ran out of time.
19. RPI Intramural Softball SuperEgos and Diamondcutters.
20. Working on a multi-billion dollar project right out of RPI.
21. Big Red Freakouts
22. Taking a chance on grad school.
23. Stepping off a plane in College Station to move here, never seeing it before then.
24. Midnight Yells
25. Fox Nights
26. The great friends I've made along the way.

26 Things I want to Do

1.  See the fields at Gettysburg, Shiloh, Vicksburg.
2.  See the inside of the Alamo.
3.  Meet a great woman, get married and raise a family.
4.  Normandy Beaches.
5.  Great Pyramids.
6.  Stand inside the Coliseum in Rome.
7.  Vacation in Hawaii and see Pearl Harbor.
8.  Visit the remaining states I have not been to.
9.  Visit England, Ireland, and Scotland.
10. Learn to tango.
11. Visit the College Football Hall of Fame and find my name there. (I'm in it)
12. Baseball games in Wrigley Field and Yankee Stadium (I know the heart of the enemy)
13. See a Daytona 500 and a race at Bristol.
14. Write a book, doesn't have to be published, just want to see if I could do it.
15. Take a ride in a Cup car.
16. They tell me Greece is nice.
17. Learn to play the guitar fairly well (working on that)
18. Find a nice plot of land and get some cows and a horse or two, just for an excuse to saddle up and ride.
19. World Series game at Fenway Park.
20. Go see the Olympics, a summer and a winter games.
21. Read as much as I can on a wide variety of subjects.
22. Don't try to be a great man, just be a man and let history judge.
23. Run the Boston Marathon.
24. Ride a bull.
25. While I'm at it, this isn't for me, but I'd like to see a man walk on the moon and on Mars in my lifetime.
26. Remember at all times that not matter what I want to do or what plans I make, that the Lord has His own plan for me and were He leads, I shall humbly follow.

So there it is, 26 things I remember, and 26 things I'd like to maybe do.
Here's to another year older, another year wiser, and another year of this wonderful life that God has blessed me with.



Monday, July 19, 2004

Welcome back faithful readers.  I feel compelled to use this blog to congratulate the newlywed Mr. and Mrs. Reid Sabin and the newly wed Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Brunone.  The Sabin wedding was Saturday and I was unable to attend due to travel logistics having attended the Brunone wedding on Friday.  Congratulations to both couples.
I do not believe that words can do justice to the celebration that was had in Dallas to celebrate Andrew and Jamison's union.  Yes it was hot and muggy and everyone was a sweaty mess, but it was enjoyable.  I met some new people who some of my other friends know through RUF, apparently many of them had left A&M before I got here and before I was introduced to RUF.  It was also great to welcome back stateside everyone's favorite redhead, Lesley, returned from Australia and spent the weekend hanging and chillin in Dallas and College Station, welcome home kiddo.  We all pray for her as she searches for a job.
Everyone's travels saw them safely to Dallas and back to College Station.  In the coming days those who must travel more will filter out, but they'll be back.  I truly do enjoy the time I get to spend with my friends, so few are the times that we get to all hang out together.  It was really an early birthday present, because I have said before many times, I love my friends.  I have been truly blessed to have such wonderful folks in my life.
Anyway, today was a great first.  A movie marathon thrown out there old school style with the Muppets.  Viewed were "The Muppet Movie", "The Great Muppet Caper", and "The Muppets Take Manhattan".  Walking down memory lane and laughing all the way and nothing was put in anyone pants.  So much fun, thanks to everyone who came over and made it fun.
Well, I've gotten little sleep the past few days, so I am off to sleep.  Ciao!

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

So I just watched the Triple-A All Star Game between the Pacific Coast League and the International League, the game was played at McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. I can not put into words how nice it was to watch a game from my old stomping grounds. I miss the cool summer nights sitting in the stands at the "field where dreams begin" with a hot dog or a doughboy and a Del's Lemonade. My hat's off to Ben Mondor and the whole organization for the game and a first class on field presentation. Major League Beaseball could learn something from the smallest city in Triple-A baseball.

And Now:

For What It's Worth

Roger Clemens got shelled in the All Star game, but on two days rest he came and pitched in front of the home crowd, class act.

The homerun derby was fun to watch once upon a time, now it is just boring.

Nomar to the Cubs? Say it ain't so!

The Big Unit to Boston...he brings the heat but not much else.

2001 Pepsi 400, who can forget it...I've got a piece of tire from the 8 car hanging on my wall now. Too sweet!

4 Day weekend this weekend, I'll need the last three to recover from Friday night.

Congrats to the future Mr. and Mrs. Brunone.

And Congrats to the future Mr. and Mrs. Sabin.

I wish I could make both, but I can't.

I always wanted to learn how to play the acoustic guitar, now is as good a time as any. So a few nights a week, I'm just here a pickin and learning chords.

Work is more fun when there is work to do.

Yet, it is the Homer in all of us who loves doing nothing.

After a recent conversation, a Muppet movie bonanza is in the works: The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper, and the Muppets Take Manhattan.

That's not a bear, bear's wear hats.

Speaking of Bears, Senator Dikta has a nice ring to it.

1 week till July 22...the 26th Anniversary of my birth. The world still doesn't know what hit it.

That's all I got. See ya Next Time!

Gonzo: I'm going to Bombay to break into show business.

Fozzie Bear: You don't go to Bombay to break into show business. You go to Hollywood.

Gonzo: Oh, sure, if you want to do it the EASY way.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Well, howdy dear readers. This is a first for this here blog, I am writing this at 8:30ish in the evening central time, from the computer in work. We have a deadline that needs meeting and I'm one of the lucky few who will be spending the night scanning documents. However that is quite boring and there is nothing there worth talking about.

As I sit here, I am listening to some Johnny Cash. I love the man's music!

Well wedding bells are fast approaching for many friends of mine over the next two months. I am so excited and happy for all of them. The Lord has brought these couples together and may He bless their lives together. It is such a great and awesome thing, Lord willing someday I shall also take that step.

All the talk in my circle of friends about weddings tends to get my mind thinking about a few things and I would like to just take a little bit to share some of my thoughts.

As Christians, we are called to be equally yoked to our spouse. Being from the northeast, I heard a lot of people who did not care if their spouse shared the same beliefs as they did. Now I will not say that an unequally yoked marriage is not one that could be successful or become equally yoked in the future, however, I can see many problems that may arise. Having a God centered relationship and sharing the same faith in the Lord enables a couple to have a strong foundation to begin the work of building their family. Yes, work. Everyday marriage must be worked on, never taking each other for granted and learning the ability to effectively communicate. Someone once told me that it is best to see the sunrise than to go sleep angry at your spouse. Thinking about it, there is no reason to go to bed angry, sure there will be times of argument and disagreement, but nothing that can't be worked through if each doesn't allow personal pride to get in the way.

Another thing that gets me thinking is the idea that the husband is the spiritual leader of the household. Heck, this is a HUGE responsibility. Now I don't know about other guys, but I have trouble remebering to match my socks in the morning. To me it's both exciting and nerve racking to think about. If a couple is blessed with children, then raising them up properly becomes an even greater task. Because what if even with all the teaching you give them about the Lord, they turn away and reject the faith you try to bring them to? Does that mean you've failed as a parent? It questions like that go through my mind. I don't want to sound negative, I actually look forward to the task and pray that the Lord will grant wisdom I need when that day comes.

The last thought I want to hit on is the concept of loving one's wife as Christ loves the church. This is probably the greatest thing I can think of, to love one's wife to the point where you'd be willing to readily sacrifice your own life for her well being. The supreme sacrifice of our Savior played out in marriage. It's just an amazing thought to love someone so much that your life is forfeit for them.

Nothing to deep tonight, just some thoughts. I hope they make sense, if not hit me up and tell me if you don't get something, I'll clear it up later.

Well back to work, that thousand page document is done...NEXT!