Saturday, February 14, 2004

It's Saturday night, that's right folks Valentine's night, and here I sit home, is becoming tradition. In Aggieland, if you do it more than once, it's a tradition, or so it is said. Don't get me wrong, I'm not it more venting and thinking. So, after spending the afternoon watching the Aggie (and LHP Zach Jackson) no-hit and pound A&M-CC into a wet, cold pulp in the freezing cold (31 degree windchills) 15-0. I think I will spend Daytona 500 eve talking about my views of love and Valentines Day.

Valentine's Day, the Hallmark holiday, is the one time of year where a holiday has been created and blown out of proportion by corprate America to make money by just raising the prices of flowers and chocolate candy. Couples are expected to have romantic evening, special plans, and try to out do their freinds so they can be the story everyone talks about in the office (i.e. "Did you hear what X's sweetheart did for them on Valentine's Day?). So in all the planning, all the big ideas, and all the spending of money, do to many people lose sight of the important thing. Their feelings for that special someone and just how much they mean to them.

I understand the importance of the day, yet why should one day be made more important than any other. As a guy, I don't think I should be limited to a big night out or great plans for a lady, just because it's February 14th. Nor should it be, yet the social norms to turn this holiday into something bigger than it should be are ever constant. Valentine's Day should not be bigger or more special than any other night out. Every night, every day with that special someone should be the most special moment. Whether that is a night of fine dining and the theatre or sitting in front of the television with pizza, beer, and a good movie or two. The important thing is being together, NOT, trying to out do everyone else you know.

Ok, that being said. I'v spent a lot of time this week just thinking about, for lack of better term, love. As I mentioned, right now...I'm single and that's fine. I will admit regretting not asking a certain girl I know out to dinner tonight. We're friends, but I do happen to really like, admire, and respect her greatly. However, that's tangential to where I want to go and going down that road (depending on who reads thing) might reveal things that are not for public consumption.

Society inundates us with all these ideas of love..or rather lust masked as love. The glorification of the one night stand, the hook-up, the pure "playa" persona and the idea that this is what love. Yet the flip side is the true love, the Romeo and Julietesque soul mate, Cinderella and the Prince, happily ever after fairy tale. I tend to view love too often in the latter grouping, being a "King of Chick Flicks". Love though when you really get down to it, yes physical attraction does play into it as does mental attraction, is the willingness and realization that you truly want to spend your life with one person through all the good times and bad times, peaks and deep and dark vallies. Not just being able to spend your lives together, but willing to share them. Building blocks of honesty, trust, commitment, closeness, compromise, and humbleness. Now you may be asking humbleness, am I off my rocker? I might be, but here's what I think. Being truly in love with someone, you are willing to humble your life for them, place their needs above your own. Where everything you do, is not for your own sake but for the sake of the one whom you love. You're willingness to sacrifice everything, even if the need should arise your very own life. You want to take away their pain when they hurt, you even wish their pain upon you, so you will suffer what is intendened for them. A wish to protect them from pain and suffering, even though you can't at times, and seeing them in such a state cause more anguish in your heart than words can mention.

I don't want to write too much this late in the night, but can you see my point? Love isn't some fluffy, bubbly feeling. It's deep rooted in the heart and linked with hope, humility, passion and just about every other emotion there is some form or another. So when we say we love someone, how truly do we understand what we mean by that word..are we meaning the deep, true sense of the meaning? Or are we just throwing out a word due to custom or habit? Love is sometimes to lightly used in the vernacular, so maybe we should be aware of how we mean it and if we mean it to it's full meaning, before we use it or think it. Of course some may wonder, how can anyone love that deeply (and I'm just quick hitting on the concept without getting to deep into it)? It's possible, there was One who did, and it's a standard we should all apsire too, though our mortal condition and natural nature make it so difficult to do so.

Well, it's time to watch some "Angel" season 3 on DVD, get the new VCR set to tape the Daytona 500 and try to shake the regret I have for not asking that great, wonderful woman to dinner tonight. Goodnight, God Bless and until next time...just remember to love each other (I know it sounds soooo Springer, but it's what I'm thinking!)

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