Sunday, February 08, 2004

Well, it's Sunday evening here in good old College Station. That means the weekend is drawing to a close and I still get half the things done I wanted to before starting the work week tomorrow. Oh, well.

My first week of my new job last week went very well. It was busy and I still have a lot to learn, but it's fun and exciting, not to mention right here in good old College Station. It's a good fit for me right now and a welcome change from the funk and rain cloud that I've had around my head since December when I finished the work on my Master's degree at A&M. Being unemployed and searching for a job, the not knowing, the uncertainty of it all, well it was really difficult. My faith in God and the support of my friends really got me through it. I don't think my friends ever really knew just how hard the last few months really were on me. It was definitely one of those periods of trial that the Lord puts us through. Fortunately I was given a job that is right here in town, where I wanted to stay, though I would have been happy anywhere in Texas. I can happily say that, unless the right situation comes up, I'm not moving again anytime soon. Did I mention how much I love my friends?? Sometimes things go unspoken between friends, just how much they mean to you, just by their mere being a part of your life. I've seen too much of life to know that they can't be taken for granted. To any of them who might be reading this, I know sometimes I wear my emotions on my sleave, sometimes I just get a tad bit quiet, but y'all are great and I'm so blessed to have all of you in my life and I love y'all, I might not say it much, but it's always there on my mind. (Ok, my family too, but I see my friends a lot more, and they're my family here in Texas).

It's been one week since the New England Patriots won Super Bowl XXXVIII over the Carolina Panthers, 32-29, in one of the greatest Super Bowls ever. Good ole Adam came through with the game winning field goal for the second time in three years. Both teams played great and showed that team work, knowing your assignments, and execution of the game plan are still more important than superstar talent when it comes to winning championships. Of course, that fact was overlooked by the media, who instead hyped up the Janet Jackson incident. It's a shame how sensationalistic news has become, instead of reporting what is important and really a good lesson, they over cover the uncoverage that Justin and Janet provided.

It's great to see NASCAR getting underway after 62 days of off season that sees a new sponsor for the series in Nextel, a new point system (which I don't like, but am willing to give it a chance), and Speedweeks underway. The new Yates-Rousch engine program will give the Fords a lot more horse power, but I don't see them matching DEI on the plate tracks yet.

Baseball season is coming up around the corner and this past week the Boston Red Sox signed outfielder/DH Ellis Burks. Now, Ellis is at the end of a good career that started with Boston way back in 1987 and I for one am happy to see him come back full circle. Ellis, holds a special place in my memories. My Pa (my mother's dad) took me to my first major league game at Fenway Park on May 10, 1987. Bruce Hurst pitched for Boston and Hall of Famer Don Suttion pitched for California. Ellis Burks was a rookie CF for Boston just called up a few weeks before from Pawtucket. May 10 he stole his first base and hit his first major league homerun. I had a few hot dogs, some soda, peanuts, ice cream and a great time. I've been to Fenway many times since, but that first game, I'll never forget it. I still remember walking out from the old, dirty bowels of the old stadium up the ramp into the seating area and just being overwhelmed by the sunlight reflecting off of all the green, the grass and walls, it was the closest thing to heaven my 8 year old (almost 9 year old) eyes had ever seen. Of course, I've gotten older and moved to Texas, so things may change, but I remember that one day like it was yesterday.

That's really all I have time for now, but stay tuned, there's always more to come. Take care, say "Howdy", give hugs, and God Bless!

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