Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Tonight, I was a heathen and skipped RUF to attend the Aggie baseball game. Ags won 11-1 over UT-San Antonio in 7 innings due to the mercy rule. Going the game was a good thing, I've had a lot on my mind this week. Not so much a worrying type deal, but more a thinking thing. I was tired of thinking and baseball helped me clear my mind, at least for awhile. I figure right before I go to bed things the ole noodle will fire up again.

On the Red Sox front, with Sunday night fast approaching, Nomar is on the D.L. with Achilles tendinits and Trot Nixon is already there with a disc problem in his back. Two huge holes in the lineup that won't be filled till May. Who will step up to carry the load?

Check out Andy's post on his blog about Edwards and his sermon on prayer life and hypocrites. Great stuff and he says it better than I can. Link on the right!

Something in the news today that disturbed me quite a bit. As many have heard or seen, some American civilians were attacked in Iraw today. There 4-wheel drive vehicles pretty much blown up and torched and their bodies dragged through the streets and strung up for all to see. Reminds me of what happened in Somalia a few years back. There is no way to make with the nice talk for people who would do this, there are no justifiable excuses. Don't tell me it's a cultural thing, don't tell me it's just their extreme teachings in Islam, don't tell me that they're tired of being occupied by the U.S.. First of all, the U.S. occupation of Iraq is going to be temporary, Iraq is already producing more power than it did uner the old regime. Iraq is having it's whole infrastructure from roads, to bridges to buildings (including schools) repaired on the American dollar. Yet, for anyone to do what they did and say it in the name of their god, Allah, is complete and utter bullflop. I don't care what culture you are from, there is some inborn sense of right and wrong we are given from God, in our natural state we choose to ignore this, yet it is still there. What these people did, it was purely animalistic, blood lust. A dark craving, and evilness that needed to be satisfied. I can't even comprehend what dark place these people had to go to inside themselves to do this kind of thing. Is this the work of Satan? I would have to say that it is an example of the things humans are capable of when they are given over completely to their natural, sinful nature. There are tapes of these people, there were cameras on the ground. What will the response of the coalition be? I can only speak for myself, if I was in charge, it would be just a matter or rolling into this town to arrest the responsible, if there is resitance meet with superior force and subdue it. Arrest those responsible and place them on trial for murder and if convicted use their own Islamic based codes of law, which means death. If their codes are good enough to hide behind a cold blooded slaughter, they are good enough to be the standard to measure the consequences of their actions. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Terrosits viewed Somalia and the removal of troops after President Clintons bungling of the job there (he refused to adequately support the troops on the ground with the equipment they requested to carry out their objectives...this is fact and can be looked up...I don't have the time now though...sorry) as a sign of weakness. Kill a few Americans, get their bodies displayed on tv and they will run away. We don't have the stomach or the testicular fortitude to handle a true fight anymore. That was then, this is now. Times are different and most folks at home support our boys and won't back down until this is finished.

If you're going to grab the tiger by the tail, you better be willing to deal with the jaws.

"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." _ George Orwell

"Once there was The People-Terror gave it birth;
Once there was The People and it made a Hell of Earth
Earth arose and crushed it. Listen, O ye slain!
Once there was The People - it shall never be again!"
-Rudyard Kipling "Macdonough's Song"

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