Sunday, March 28, 2004

Well, I haven't posted anything of length in awhile. No reason in particular why, been busy and really haven't had anything that I thought would be all that great to write about. I don't know if I got much more tonight, but I'm not quite ready to go to sleep yet.

Today was Big Event here in Aggieland, it's pretty much a community service project run by the students at A&M as a way of giving back to the local community. The area of Bryan/College Station gives a lot to the Aggie students and puts up with a lot of stuff too that comes with being a college town. It's nice to give something back to them. I went and helped paint a garage with some friends from RUF. It was fun, it was good hard work. I'd like to thank Tiffany and Laura for approaching me and asking me if I'd like to help today, last Wednesday.

Tonight, after going the baseball game, which the Ags won 4-1 over those sons of guns from Lubbock, I watched "Sleepless in Seattle." One of my favorite movies. Now this is probably a surprise to some friends. I think that most of the time, I come across as having a very thick, insensitive skin and being a typical guy. Let me set the record straight folks, I am the king of the chick flick. "Notting Hill", "Everafter", "What Women Want", "Pure Country", "Runaway Bride", "You've Got Mail", "When Harry Met Sally", "City of Angels", "Runaway Bride", "Sweet Home Alabama", and "Runaway Bride" amongst others are some of my favorite movies. I would even say "For Love of the Game" is a chick flick. I'm a romantic at heart. I'm searching and praying for that one woman, that fairy tale, where I get to play the knight in shining armor, though "I might not always wear the white hat, I might not always know the way..." It might also explain my affinity for Shakepeare's sonnets and my infrequent diversion of writing poetry. As far as I'm concerned, she out there, somewhere and for all I know I might have met her already. I am a firm believer that everything will happen on God's plan, so it is possible to see someone almost everyday, and still not really see them. If that makes sense. It might be one of those things a person needs to experience before they can grasp what it means.

Right now I am listening to the debut album from Josh Turner entitled "Long Black Train." Which just happens to be the title of the first single off the album, that song being the reason I purchased the album. It is a song that sounds out of place today, it has the sound of Cash written all over it. I am so far very impressed with the song selection, the performance and just the sound of the album. Right now, the best comparison I can give is thing Cash and Jennings, outlaw country. I was surprised to find "Don't Mess Around With Jim" on the album, a song most people know buy the chorus which states" And they say, You don't tug on Superman's cape, you don't spit into the wind, you don't pull te mask off the ol' Lone Ranger..." The songwriter is Jim Croce, for those of you familar with his music. Also, I just head the song "She'll Go On You" which I can honestly say has me crying. Call it being secure in my manhood, but I'm not afraid to admit when something hits me like that. I'll write a review of this album soon, maybe before the weekend is over.

Well, it 12:40 AM on Sunday...I am going to write an e-mail and then hit the sack...I could probably write more, but then it's good to keep stuff so that I'll have stuff to write next time.

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