Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Well, it's been a bit longer than usual since I updated "YE OLE BLOG", but I haven't had much to talk about lately. However, I had a nice IM converstation with my friend Laura, who is the girlfriend of my friend Andy. Well they're both friends, it's just my way of explaining the relationship with me, I knew Andy first.

It got me thinking on the social dynamic of men and women and the whole games we play in an attempt to date members of the opposite sex. Guys trying to play it cool and keep some distance so as not to drive a girl away or scare or her off by coming on too strong. Then you run the risk of entering the friend zone. Or better yet getting placed on the wrong ladder, which if you don't realize you are on the wrong ladder, you try to jump ladders and end in the abyss. Ok, for those of you not familar with the Ladder theory, ask me for the explanation and I can give the clean version.

Now as a guy, ladies please don't force us to jump laddders. Guys need it perfectly clear which ladder they stand on, so give us clear sign, I mean cyrstal clear signs.

Speaking of which, it reminds me of one of my favorite movie "For Love of the Game". Kevin Costner's characher, Billy Chapel is wooing the girl (Kelly Preston) and he says he think people should just wear signs around their neck saying what is on their mind. I know what mine would be "Play me, trade me, or give me a better seat on the bench." A baseball euphemism, but also realting to women. Ladies, either let me on the field, trade to a team that will put me in the starting lineup (friends are good), or just give me a better spot in the bench so I know when I will be called upon to enter the game.

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