Tuesday, March 02, 2004

What a terrible day that ended well.

Why is it that whenever you need printers to work quickly and efficiently, they slow down to a crawl? That was my day at work and I left with a bunch of documents queued up and I just hope no errors happen overnight and they're there in the morning.

Today was Juli's 23rd Birthday. Happy Birthday Juli! A great friend and wonderful young woman! Most of the crew went to Marble Slab to celebrate. Most folks got cones, I induldged as I was raised to do...after a bad day and ice cream is in the picture...banana split time all the way! Man it was good!

Also today, I found out a few friends won't be able to make the trek to Houston on Wednesday night to see George Strait. I am saddened to know that they can't go, but understand their reasoning. I am glad they told me with enough warning to try to find folks take their tickets.
I was hoping this would be a fun time to hang out together, have fun, and just get to know each other more...concerts and car trips do that. Oh well. Se la vid

One final thought....I heard a song tonight, twice, on the radio which really made me stop, give listen, and that really got to me. It found the chink in this tough armor of mine. It think it did so because the lyrics strike really, really close to home for me. The song was "I Love You This Much" by Jimmy Wayne. Talk about really striking close to home, it was scary. It really hits the nail on the head on what it's like for a boy to grow up without a father active in their life.

Anyway, it's late and I'm tired. Good night!

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