Thursday, April 29, 2004

Feeling a bit artsy fartsy tonight and a bit sentimental...a good or a bad combo (depending how you look at it):

The sun will rise tomorrow,
The tides will change and clouds shall roll by,
We'll go on with life the best we can.
Day in and day out again and again,
Yet something will be missing,
A deep hole in our heart.
A pit so deep, where do we start.
The ache we shall feel,
Dullens by the day.
Holding the memories we have made,
Clinging to the past,
Not knowing if,
The roads we are on will ever verge,
You've left an impression,
Each of y'all have,
Missed you shall be,
Alone we are not,
Will we cross paths again,
In this great wide world,
Only God knows the answers,
Yet we dwell on it,
We ponder it,
We wish for it.
We pray for it.
May we see each other again,
Someday quite soon,
Before the evening of life
And well before noon.
Till then take a bit of me with you,
Deep in your heart,
Always with you,
As a piece of yourself is left with me.
I'll see you out there,
On life's lonely highway,
Don't live it your way,
Don't live it mine,
Live it His way,
And all will be fine.

A little off the cuff free verse to all my friends who will be leaving College Station soon to head out into the "real world." But before y'all saddle up and leave Dodge...there must be a least "one last stand in open country".

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