Sunday, April 18, 2004

News Items: On Saturday April 17, the crew of the Confederate Submarine, H.L. Hunley was laid to rest in Charleston, South Carolina. In what has been called the last Confederate funeral, the coffins of the crew members, draped in Confederate flags, were first taken to Charleston's Battery and placed in a semicircle, a wreath set in front of each.

Then, a column of the uniformed re-enactors stretching a mile and half took the crew of the Hunley, which sank outside Charleston Harbor, to their final resting place in Magnolia Cemetery, about five miles north.

It took the column more than an hour to file into the cemetery.

Many will contend that the Civil War brought an end to slavery. It most certainly did not, slavery is alive and well all over the world today, even here in the United States. It has been driven underground, out of view, out of mind. Yet it continues and not even seen, because of course...slavery ended with the end of the Civil War. The naive mind ignores what it does not wish to recognize.

The Junior Senator from Massachusetts, Good Grief!

As I sit here this evening watching Meet the Press, Senator Kerry continues to spout a whole lot of nothing. Kerry says he will create 10 million jobs, funny thing is, it's the same 10 million jobs the Bush administration is predicting, and the same 10 million jobs that most recognized and respected economists are predicting.

Senator Kerry, says he is a man of the people. Yeah, the rich people. Don't tell me that he's poor. Overseas homes, multiple residences in the United States and married to the heir of the Heinz fortune. Skiing vacations in the Rockies. Yeah, Ma and Pa Jones can really relate.

Senator Kerry spent the past week touting higher education reform. He wants to make it afforable to everyone. Sorry Senator, not everyone should be allowed into college. Yes, if a student wants to go on to college then we should by all means give them all the means available to attend college. That does not mean that the government should be paying for everyone's college education. Student loans are a fair way of doing so, in no way should the government give a free hand out. It is my understanding that Senator Kerry would like to give the free ride, which in and of itself is noble, but to do so on such a large scale is wrong. If my understanding of this plan is wrong, so be it, but everything I have read in the media points to this being his plan.

Now, Senator Kerry continues to disrespect our men and women in uniform overseas. He continues to push for more UN involvement overseas. He would take Iraq and Afganistan to the United Nation, a venerable den of thieves against the United States. The United Nations is a failed institution which no longer serves its function to the world. Issues are discussed in commitee and idle threats come from its lips. The UN is the paper tiger dictators and terrorists would love to see in power, for nothing would ever threaten their evil ways. If I were in a place of making national policy, the very first thing I would do is to pull the United States out of the UN, lock, stock and both barrels smoking. There is no need for the United States to kow-tow to the UN in matters of our own national security.

Senator Kerry also continues to run from his war record when he served in Vietnam. His return home to the states began his anti-war record and places him in a category equal to that of "Hanoi" Jane Fonda.

Senator Kerry was assigned to Swiftboat 44 on December 1, 1968. Within 24 hours, he had received his first Purple Heart. Senator Kerry accumulated three Purple Hearts in four months with not even a day of duty lost from wounds, according to his training officer. It’s a pity one cannot read his Purple Heart medical treatment reports which have been withheld from the public. The only person preventing their release is Senator Kerry. I question the validity of each and everyone of these Purple Hearts. Senator Kerry did not lose one day of duty, so how could he have been wounded? The Purple Heart is not supposed to cover cuts, scrapes and bumps. It is intended for those who have been truly wounded in service to their country. I do not see how one can be wounded 3 times in four months and not miss a day, unless one was not wounded at all and only was nicked and scratched.

Senator Kerry applied for stateside duty within four days of his third Purple Heart, kicking off his infamous anti-war record. If Senator Kerry was such a great soldier and never missed duty to his "wounds" why would he be so eager to leave his comrades in arms behind. Men in battle form bonds, a band of brothers, no man would turn his back on his brothers. Senator Kerry ran home and became on of the most outspoken anti-war demonstrators. No soldier worth his mettle runs from the front when there is good to be done, unless of course Sentator Kerry was haunted by the faces of the civilians he fired upon, which he has said he did in numerous interviews. Senator Kerry would have people believe that he is a war hero, a man who served his country, and has the respect of his countrymen because of it. Senator Kerry is not worthy of respect, he was an continues to be a coward of the lowest level.

Senator Kerry is nothing but the lap dog of Ted Kennedy. A man who could not continue the family legacy of running for the Presidency due to his own cowardice and murderous ways. Both Massachusetts liberals who say what they think the people want to hear, but who can not take a firm stand and follow it through. Senator Kerry's views are like a flag, it changes direction whenever a wind storm kicks up.

I'm just sick of hearing Kerry and even sicker of hearing the easy questions being asked of him by the liberal media. Wake up folks and smell the Koffi! Kerry doesn't have any business handing George W. Bush his toilet paper, never mind holding his job.

Ok I'm done ranting. Till next time!

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