Friday, April 09, 2004

Well, the Red Sox lost the home opener to the Blue Jays. But, it's still early in the season, so no need to go getting on the boys yet.

I am currently watching the Astros and Brewers game from Miller Park, the only stadium that play polka music during the seventh inning stretch. Yet another example of how the Selig family is ruining baseball.

So three good things happened since I last updated the blog. First of all was some hard work on a proposal for a job my company is going after in China. I was asked to have a full technical evaluation ready for Wednesday morning. It was supposed to be rough draft for an RFP. However, having never done one of these I uses the RFP documents and some old ones and just pieced what I could together, staying up late (after going to the Aggie Baeball game) to get it done. I think the higher ups thought it was pretty good, because they pretty much thought it was good to go with only a few revisions.

Second great thing this week was seeing Roger Clemens in an Astros jersey. Not only is he out of the A.L. East, he's in the N.L.. All that feeling of being burned is gone, and I can once again cheer on one of my boyhood baseball heros. When he left Boston to go to Toronto, it hurt as Red Sox fan, but when he donned pinstripes for that other's kind of like if I was to take the hottest and nicest girl out on a date only to have her go home with another guy who was just being a playa to get what he wanted. It was that bad. Of course, now he's in my home state of Texas, so it's all good (yes I mover here almost 2 years ago, but it's my home and I can only hope that I live out my days here.) So Rocket goes on and goes 7 innings, strikes out 9 or something like that, including Barroid Bonds twice- looking! Oh yeah, and Rocket gets a hit in perfect hit and run play.

Thirdly being I've come to understand the viewpoint of the Session at WPC on the issue the Romish baptism and my family is fine with it too, so it's no longer an issue. And it's full speed ahead on that.

So what started off a tough week, has really turned out good. Last night, was the first goodnight sleep I had all week, and when I mean sleep...I'm talking close to 10 hours and I would have slept through a war, I was so gone.

Now just a reminder to someone who may or may not look at this while out of town....don't forget to bring that movie back with you!!

Well it is time to kickoff the NHL playoffs with Bruins. Could this be the year they bring home Lord Stanley's Cup?
Well if the beards get long, we will know!

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