Saturday, May 01, 2004

For What it's Worth

So Pedro doesn't want to talk about his contract, he wants to become a free agent at the end of the year. Last I looked he's an awfully expensive #2 starter anyway.

There is no truth the rumor that Nomar had a better April than Jeter.

Band of Brothers, a story of men in combat, should be mandatory for everyone protesting our involvement overseas.

Speaking of which, it's a shame some bad apples have damaged our reputation because they were stupid and cruel to prisoner's.

Then again, what the world say if it was our POWs...probably that we deserved it.

The U.N. is obsolete, let's take our money and call it a game, then kick them out of NYC.

Tampa Bay outfielder Rocco Baldelli and Texas A&M cathcer Craig Stinson were high school teamates, but I still like seeing Hawks get porked!

John Kerry is more boring than Al Gore on Prozac.

What's up with kids these days, I don't need to be hearing how dope your new car is...makes me think you are a drug dealer.

The next girl I hear say men are stupid, dumb, etc., gets an ear full.

When your friends start getting married, you start feeling old.

Speaking of marriage, it is all about "twue wuv"

Yeah Chief, when you can quote The Princess Bride and get blank stares, you know the next generation lost out.

Speaking of generations, I went in Toys R Us today just for fun, they had old school Transformers..I'm talking the orginal Rodimus Prime, Prowl, Smokescreen, Hoist, etc... and old school GI Joe's. Everything old is new again.

Which means Vanilla Ice should be going on tour any day now.

Christina cancelled her tour...I think the old bear in the woods analogy fits here.

Does anyone care what Dems have to say?

Am I the only one who sees it as disrespectful for 2 9-11 commission members to leave the Oval Office early for other engagements. It just proves that the left has lost respect for the office, which started when Billary entered there in 1992 and turned into a trailer park Jerry Springer show.

Speaking of Hillary....someone tell the witch to shut up already. It takes a keep her from opening her mouth and revealing she is the village idiot.

Speaking of which, before the internet, village idiots usually stayed in their own village.

The purpose of marriage is to raise a family and bring up the kids. Does that make the purpose of gay marriage tha ability for them to divorce an claim 50%?

DEI on plate tracks is poetry.

The Red Sox took 6 of 7 from the Yankees, in need to print up World Series tickets yet. If we do in October, then even I'm figuring out how to get to Fenway for this one.

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