Sunday, May 09, 2004

From a headline story today on

BASRA, Iraq — A senior aide of radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr told worshippers during a Friday sermon in southern Iraq that anyone capturing a female British soldier can keep her as a slave.

If there is any doubt that those who are opposing the democratic process in Iraq are nothing more than mere barbarians, modern day Huns and Visigoths, let the above statement be a testament to ultimate evil we now find ourselves opposing.

When I fist read this article, I was shocked, numb and without words to even begin to express my utter disgust and revulsion at this mindset. I have no doubt that this also applies to American women soldiers as well. I am not one who favors women in combat ready positions in the armed forces, however, that is how it is so I will not discuss that issue further at the moment.

This cleric, al-Sadr, is nothing more than a thug and warlord. He has shown his desire to consolidate power and become the defacto religious ruler in Iraq, and we all know how well it worked out for old Iran. Al-Sadr wants nothing more than to be the religious ruler of Iraq and the head of the government. He speaks to impressionable young men focusing on the words of the Koran and telling what they must do to enter paradise if they are true Muslims and followers of Allah. Quite frankly, Islam ranks right up there with some of the wackiest cults in history, it's not a religion, it's a cult, pieced together by a man who heard stories from Jews and Christians and locals and pieced together a so called theology and then went out and slaughtered his enemies in a bid for power in the ancient Middle East. Consolidating power, killing off enemies...the secret recipe for brutal governments through out the history of mankind. Anyone see a pattern?

Al-Sadr has no idea what kind of can of worms he is getting into by promoting the forced slavery of female POW's. If you really want to hack off a country, start harming their women. Al-Sadr does not know his history or else he would realize the folly. Helen of Troy launched 1000 ships, how many honorable men with guns would be launched today? Right now the U.S., Brits, and our other allies are playing nice in the realm of combat, I tend to favor total war to scare the snot out of the locals to keep them in line, but then I'm not making policy so my opinion is worthless on that subject. However, back to the topic at hand, al-Sadr must realize that to harm the women [and don't think slavery doesn't include beatings (lot's of them), rape (lot's of that too), and more beating, cause it does] he would unleash fury and hell on earth against any resistance. Those women are someone's sister, daughter, friends, fiancé, and mother. If I was to find out that a woman in my life had been taken as a slave, I could only hope the troops found the poor S.O.B. before I did because I could easily be very creative with ways to make that person suffer and unfortunately..I probably wouldn't care about the consequences.

It just sickens me to no end that al-Sadr has been hiding behind mosques and militia to spread his message. Yes, the Geneva Convention says house of worship are not to be attacked unless they are being used for military purposes. Well, allow me to interpret this. If a mosque is being used by a man in charge of the militia, if it is being used to issue military orders, if those military order are going to harm our troops, if our troops will die as a result of that harm, and the man doing the speaking is doing so holding an assault is a military use, so blow it up! We're trying to be boy scouts and we can't be. A war can not be won if we try to fight it in a PC manner. Take the gloves off!

If none of this works, let's put Saddam back in power and tell those ungrateful Iraqis that they had their chance, but to now deal with the consequences (The Vastine came up with that one!). Or better yet, let's put Hillary in charge over there!

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