Sunday, May 16, 2004

Well by now everyone who is not living under a rock or under a mountain must know about the execution of Nick Berg, a private citizen of the United States, this past week in Iraq.

I will not say much cause most of what I feel has already been said, but something that has struck me based on the still photos and video I have seen (I have not watched the full video). The barbaric animals who carried out this act of brutality wore masks. None dared to show their face. Now, they might think they're being smart about it, not giving away their identity, but this is a common trend amongst all militants Islamists. Time and again we see these folks on TV hurling grenades, shooting guns and acting pretty much like an untrained rabble, all while covering their faces. Maybe it's western thought here, but if I am going to kill someone and declare war on an entire culture, I'm not going to be afraid to show my face. It's not sneaky, it's not a champions way of promoting thier religion, it's not anything. Hiding one's face while supposedly saying you're fighting for a god to go to paradise strikes me as being ashamed of that god. It also strikes me as cowardly. Cowardly by not having the, let's call it testicular fortitude, to not only hide one's face, but to hide behind women, children and innocents. These men are not martyrs nor heros, they are cowards.

Now I support the Bush administration in this, I don't agree with everything they are doing, but I know President Bush is not going to back down and go running to the pantywaists at the UN cause things get a little tough. What I will disagree on is our fighting with the gloves on. We know this al-Sadr character is using a holy mosque to arm his militia and carry out attacks. The Geneva convention is clear, we can blow the thing up if want to. We can also use all the fire power we have, but I understand restraint is needed.

Iraq is like an abbused child, beaten and locked in the closet for over 20 years. When it finally let out, it does not know how to function in a civilized society. It is human society in it's most primal, evil nature. Again it falls to the U.S. to shine light into a dark corner of the world. When it came time to fight Japan, Nazi Germany and later North Korea and China, it was not easy and many young men died. Lives snuffed out before they began, but the result was worth the sacrifice. Too many folks argue about the casualties we are taking, but this is a war against a foe we have never seen. It is a foe of idealology which crosses borders, cultures, and classes with complete nut jobs who think they are going to make the whole world tremble before them cause they can strike fear into people.

The killing of Nick Berg was supposed to strike fear, all it did was strike resolve. The suicide bombers are supposed to scare the troops away. The kidnappings to force troops to leave. All this does is strengthen the resolve, it entrenches the beliefs that evil must be faced and conquered. Sorry boys, you're not making us run. You're just digging your own graves, which will be soaked in pigs blood if I had my way, along with the bullets of troops.

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