Monday, May 24, 2004

Well it has been awhile since I updated the blog. Don't worry faithful readers, reports of my demise were just vicious rumor. Seriously, work has been keeping me busy and then my mother visited the Lone Star State this weekend, so I really haven't had a lot of time.

Saw Shrek 2 last week, not as good as the orginal but worth the price of admission at the local theatre. A great parody scene from the Lord of the Rings and lots of great pop culture references. That and the montage of Shrek riding to the rescue to the song "Holding Out for a Hero" (which is one of the greatest songs ever) was pretty cool. Good job all around. Go see it, take a date if you can, there is a love story there we can all learn something from.

Anyway, last Wednesday night marked the end of an era, the last episode of Angel, the Buffy spin-off on the WB ended it's 5 year run. Look for a run down of that sometime by midweek. I am planning on watching the rerun of it Tuesday night, then I will be able to digest all of it and give a better writing on how the show ended and what I saw in it, besides good writing, Charisma Carpenter and Amy Acker.

Saturday is the 1100 mile day with the Indy 500 (the only open wheel race I watch each year) and the Coke 600. Robby Gordon goes for the double duty this year. Tony Stewart almost joined him at the last minute but something about his Nextel Cup contract and Chevy wouldn't allow him in A.J. Foyt's backup car with a Ford engine. Just let the guy race boys, he'll hit something and give you good exposure.

Now what you've all been waiting for another of edition of:

For What It's Worth

The Triple A All-Star Game is being held at McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, home of the Pawtucket Red Sox, the team I grew up watching almost every weekend they were home, saw the like of Roger Clemens, Jose Canseco, Chipper Jones, Scott Cooper, Aaron Sele, Jason Varitek, Nomar Garciaparra, Derek Jeter, Tom Glavine, Ryan Klesko, Kevin Maas, Phil Plantier and others..some made it, some didn't.

The Army won't let Normandy vets jump into Normandy on D-day plus 60-years...someone tell the Pentagon these men earned the right to jump out a plane whenever they want to, even if they're senior citizens.

Agassi loses to who? Someone probably got a picture of it with a Cannon.

Johnny Cash's music will be popular even after I am dead and gone.

I need to find a frame for my degree, any suggestions?

I ran into C-Web at the baseball game Sunday, it was a nice surpise and happy to see she wore maroon depsite being a PhD. canidate at that other school. Like old times.

So my kid brother is leaning toward voting for Kerry...poor kid is confused, very confused. Must be the radiation on those subs.

TBN, it's like a bad car wreck you want to keep going, but sometimes you stop and stare in horror.

Since when is an infield fly called after the fact? When it's at an Aggie vs. UT baseball game.

The Aggies are seeded 5th in the Big XII tourney, good showing in Arlington and we host a Regional as a #2 seed, because we put fans in the stands.

So the Raiders signed Kerry Collins, funny he just doesn't strike me as being a Rader type, but then again neither did Rich Gannon.

Trot's coming back and so is Nomar, look out American League.

Roger Clemens is beginning to come back to earth, but he's still the best 41 year old arm in baseball.

The American public never asked for an end date, a time frame to leave conquered nations, and complained of casualties during WWII.

Speaking of World War II, we need more Generals like Patton and MacArthur in today's military.

Dear Canada, return the desserters, or we will be forced to take away hockey and the Blue Jays and leave you with the Expos.

As we get closer to June 30th, things in the Middle East should get interesting.

3 day weekends are the bomb DOT COM! Yeah baby!

Where's our apology for 9-11?

Where's our apology for the 4 people that got burned and drug thru the streets of Fallujah?

Where's our apology for blowing up construction workers trying to rebuild your country?

Where's our apology for dancing in the streets after the killing of Marines bringing food and supplies to you? Where is it?

Till next time... I'm as mad Bobby Knight with a chair in his hand taking a half court jumper!

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