Sunday, June 20, 2004

Hello faithful readers. First of all, I've been extremely busy the last few weeks, I don't apologize for not posting anything, simply because it was purposeful on my part. I've been really throwing myself into work the last few weeks, much to my detriment, just to avoid thinking about things that seem to keep crossing my mind. I've had an awful lot on my mind the last two weeks, and it's been stuff I can't really do a damn thing about so in a way it's been really foolish. Oh well.

Anyway, nothing deep or insightful today. I am extremely tired. Yesterday, Ben V and myself went over to San Antonio for the graduation party hosted by the Scott clan for their daughter, and our good friend Wendy. Hat's off to the Scott's and Wendy for inviting us, giving us a great excuse to get out of College Station. Honestly, I needed the driving time through the beautiful Texas country roads between here and there. Ben and I talked about a whole slew of stuff and I was able to clear my mind and remind myself about the important things in life.

I will not bore my dear readers with details, but will reccomend to all that they must visit the Flying Saucer Bar in San Antonio. It has USURPED the Fox & Hound as my favorite bar. Thanks to Ben R for being our guide there.

It was a great day and getting home at 3:30 AM in the morning was more than worth it.

So I haven't fallen off the planet, I've just been a little introspective lately and really busy.

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