Sunday, August 22, 2004

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Ted Moorman!

I had the great honor of attending the wedding of two of my closest friends yesterday at the First Baptist Church in Waco, TX. Yes, I do understand the irony of the Moorman wedding between two reformed Christians who enjoy alcohol in moderation at the Baptist church. Not only that, I was fortunate to travel to the wedding with two more of my close friends, Amanda and Ben (links to their blogs are to the right).

The ceremony kicked off promptly at 2 in the afternoon. Sara in her unique way enthusiastically replied "I will" to the declaration of intent. To those who know her, it was not surprising. Both Mr. Moorman and Dr. Eisenbarth participated in the Scripture Readings, Dr. Eisenbarth reading Ephesians 5:22-23 and Mr. Moorman reading 1 Corinthians 13. Marriage ceremony was overseen by Rev. Wade Coleman of Westminster Presbyterian Church, right here in Aggieland where Ted and Sara (along with the previously mentioned Amanda and Ben, along with myself) attend worship services. Granted I have only been to three weddings, and all three within the last month and half or so, however I was just amazed at how simple and classy the Moorman wedding was yesterday.

I met Ted and Sara just about a year ago through reformed University Fellowship (RUF) on the A&M campus, it was nice meeting other grad students because for most of the previous spring and summer I was either the only one or just unaware of any others. Along with Rich,Ben, Allen, Juli, and Allyson (the intern) we quickly became known as "The Grads", an elite circle of power with the ability to enjoy alcohol with the interns. Total strangers who very quickly developed very close friendships. In retrospect, Ted and Sara seemed destined to be more than friends and looking back with hindsight, the Hand of God can be seen in their relationship. I think this past New Year's marked a visible turning point in their relationship (though the signs had been there before then if we had paid more attention to things). They began officially in February and two weeks later they were engaged (what we refer to as the land speed record...if they didn't know this, well now they was meant in love my friends). Wedding plans started and after some time, the big day came. As far as I know, their first kiss was their kiss at the end of ceremony which I do believe brought a tear to Ted's eye, but smiles to the faces of all those there. I shall be honest I had to blink back a tear myself, such was my joy for my friends.

The reception was simple, and the first time I had heard of a receiving line for the parents and the couple. It was much like I would envision a state dinner. Though I could tell Mrs. Eisenbarth could not remember me and I delayed giving her my name just long enough to see a hint of confusion in her eyes. Granted, it was probably bad protocol on my part, but once I told her who I was I could see everything register, even with Dr. Eisenbarth. I believe if Sara and Ted were paying attention, they would have found a chuckle in the exchange.

It was a first class wedding, may their marriage be as long, as their courtship was short!

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The Unexpected Things In Life

On Monday, during a phone conversation with my Nana, I learned about death of Robert Howard, Shea High School-Class of 1994 and former Rhode Island All-State Triple Jumper and Olympian. She mentioned some odd details and I have been following the story in the media, i.e. the ProJo website (that's Rhode Islandese for The Providence Journal). Robert Howard was a med-student at the University of Arkansas and had been married for about a year. Campus police, upon discovering a trail of blood near some of the dorms followed it, found Howard in a dorm wearing scrubs and covered in blood. Howard fled, locked himself in a room, was able to open a window on the 10th floor and jumped to his death. Police found his wife brutally stabbed in their off campus apartment a short time later. She was a Harvard graduate, who joined the Marines and then went to Arkansas to become a neurosurgeon. Reports indicate that Howard was unhappy about not qualifying for this years games in Athens, specualtion appears to be that this could have been a contributing factor to his state of mind Saturday evening.

I saw a picture of Robert Howard in one of the articles I have read and realized that I had, in passing, known this man. Not just by name, he graduating from Providence's Shea High School in 1994, I from Warwick's Pilgrim High School in 1996, but he was also a member of the Providence Cobras, a track team my brother ran for during his summers in High School. The Cobras, were coached by my brother's high school coach. So I was able to place the face with the many from the Cobra's practices at Brown University. The face I remember was that of a young man, with Olympic hopes and dreams and a smile on his face. A far cry from the image reported in the papers of a man covered in blood, apparently from brutally murdering his wife, who would take his own life. A part of me can not fathom it, another part is not surprised because in a fallen world we should not be surprised at the evil that fills it.

There is a part of me that finds it difficult to understand such behavior and to understand how a husband could kill his wife. I don't understand how any man could even raise a hand in anger to his wife, though I can recall my father doing such before my folks were divorced when I was 3 (I don't think my family thinks I remember such stuff, but some things are retained even at such a young age). There is a part of me that wonders how people can forgive such behavior, not condone it but truly forgive. Forgiveness is probably the most difficult thing to do, not only to forgive but to forget and move on. Yet, we must forgive. We have such a great example in Christ who even while being crucified prayed for those who put him to death to be forgiven for they knew not what they did. It is through our faith in Chirst that our sins are forgiven and God's mercy and grace are placed upon us, when we truly deserve God's justice for all the sins we have committed. God's mercy and grace are infinite, a thought which when dwelled upon is great and humbling. I can only pray that Robert's wife had faith in Christ, even as she was experiencing a horrible death. I also pray that Robert had faith in Christ and in his last moments repented for what he had done. It is said that if we truly knew who we'd see in heaven, we'd be surprised at the faces we'd see and at the one's we didn't. I pray that when I reach that far off shore, I may see the Howard's and see Robert's young smiling face before the darkness came upon him.
Not everyone may get similar thoughts out of such news, but this one just hit me in this fashion. Out of the unexpected things in life, out of darkness, we can all find reminders, or rather lessons, of the ever abounding grace and mercy of our Lord.

Till Next Time, Grace & Peace,


p.s. Welcome home Amanda! Thanks for the wafers!

Monday, August 16, 2004

2 Year Anniversary

I moved to Texas 2 years ago today. Best thing that ever happened to me! WHOOOOP!

Friday, August 13, 2004


The defending Super Bowl Champions, the New England Patriots start the 2004 preseason schedule tonight against Philadelphia. Preseason does not count, but it is important for the guys 50 through 80 on the depth chart. Also, all eyes will be on the Patriots this season to see if they truly are the first dynasty in the free agent era where parity has been the name of the game.

I concede the AL East to the Yankees, the Red Sox will win the wild card, if they play well down the stretch.

Aggie football starts September 2 at Utah. All sense of reality has left me until the first punt, turnover, or Ute scoring drive. This year we win the National Championship.

Sometimes, when you're feeling low, just the simplest smile from a friend can lift your mood.

The Budweiser crew needs to get its act together if they want to win the Nextel Cup.

Election season is beginning to bore me, wake me up if the canidates say something I haven't heard before.

So Kobe might get off without a trial (no pun intended)? If the allegations are true, the ineptness of the legal system when celebs are defendants continues, with no surprise to me.

Why go to work when there is no work to be done? I love my job and all but I can just as easily do nothing from comfort of home.

August 28....tubing out towards San Antonio with friends, one of the highlights of the month.

Jeff Burton signs with RCR to drive the AOL car, maybe he can win a race, though he might need directions to Victory Lane.

Rumor around the office says we're moving and I'm getting my own office. So if anyone sees a "Costanza" desk, let me know.

The Olympics officially kick off tonight in Athens. I still don't trust NBC with their "live coverage", am I the only one who realizes a lot of this stuff is taped and the only thing live is the talking studio heads.

That aside, I want to see Rulon win another gold.

If the ancient Greeks could see what we've done to the games, they'd puke.

In a perfect world, I would have Walt's Roast Beef for lunch today, Newport Creamery for dinner, and go to Twin Oaks and Marchetti's, Aunt Carrie's and Greggs this weekend. Oh and did I mention I could use some Caserta's too!

Dang, maybe I'll just go get lunch at the Chicken...

till next time,
God Bless


Thursday, August 05, 2004


Ok, as many of my friends know and have learned over the years, I have a passion for the game of baseball. Granted I am passionate about a great many things, however very few surpass my love of the game. That is why I was elated to read an article on World Magazine's website regarding what I will call olde timey baseball. Baseball in it's purest form, mid-19th century rules and equipment. A new wave sweeping small towns around the country, where the game is played according to rules of gentlemanly ettiquette. Simply put, nothing that will offend a lady. I must admit, I think this is without a doubt the coolest thing I've heard of in a long, long time. I'm going to have to some research on this, because I'd like to learn more about it.