Sunday, August 22, 2004

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Ted Moorman!

I had the great honor of attending the wedding of two of my closest friends yesterday at the First Baptist Church in Waco, TX. Yes, I do understand the irony of the Moorman wedding between two reformed Christians who enjoy alcohol in moderation at the Baptist church. Not only that, I was fortunate to travel to the wedding with two more of my close friends, Amanda and Ben (links to their blogs are to the right).

The ceremony kicked off promptly at 2 in the afternoon. Sara in her unique way enthusiastically replied "I will" to the declaration of intent. To those who know her, it was not surprising. Both Mr. Moorman and Dr. Eisenbarth participated in the Scripture Readings, Dr. Eisenbarth reading Ephesians 5:22-23 and Mr. Moorman reading 1 Corinthians 13. Marriage ceremony was overseen by Rev. Wade Coleman of Westminster Presbyterian Church, right here in Aggieland where Ted and Sara (along with the previously mentioned Amanda and Ben, along with myself) attend worship services. Granted I have only been to three weddings, and all three within the last month and half or so, however I was just amazed at how simple and classy the Moorman wedding was yesterday.

I met Ted and Sara just about a year ago through reformed University Fellowship (RUF) on the A&M campus, it was nice meeting other grad students because for most of the previous spring and summer I was either the only one or just unaware of any others. Along with Rich,Ben, Allen, Juli, and Allyson (the intern) we quickly became known as "The Grads", an elite circle of power with the ability to enjoy alcohol with the interns. Total strangers who very quickly developed very close friendships. In retrospect, Ted and Sara seemed destined to be more than friends and looking back with hindsight, the Hand of God can be seen in their relationship. I think this past New Year's marked a visible turning point in their relationship (though the signs had been there before then if we had paid more attention to things). They began officially in February and two weeks later they were engaged (what we refer to as the land speed record...if they didn't know this, well now they was meant in love my friends). Wedding plans started and after some time, the big day came. As far as I know, their first kiss was their kiss at the end of ceremony which I do believe brought a tear to Ted's eye, but smiles to the faces of all those there. I shall be honest I had to blink back a tear myself, such was my joy for my friends.

The reception was simple, and the first time I had heard of a receiving line for the parents and the couple. It was much like I would envision a state dinner. Though I could tell Mrs. Eisenbarth could not remember me and I delayed giving her my name just long enough to see a hint of confusion in her eyes. Granted, it was probably bad protocol on my part, but once I told her who I was I could see everything register, even with Dr. Eisenbarth. I believe if Sara and Ted were paying attention, they would have found a chuckle in the exchange.

It was a first class wedding, may their marriage be as long, as their courtship was short!

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