Friday, August 13, 2004


The defending Super Bowl Champions, the New England Patriots start the 2004 preseason schedule tonight against Philadelphia. Preseason does not count, but it is important for the guys 50 through 80 on the depth chart. Also, all eyes will be on the Patriots this season to see if they truly are the first dynasty in the free agent era where parity has been the name of the game.

I concede the AL East to the Yankees, the Red Sox will win the wild card, if they play well down the stretch.

Aggie football starts September 2 at Utah. All sense of reality has left me until the first punt, turnover, or Ute scoring drive. This year we win the National Championship.

Sometimes, when you're feeling low, just the simplest smile from a friend can lift your mood.

The Budweiser crew needs to get its act together if they want to win the Nextel Cup.

Election season is beginning to bore me, wake me up if the canidates say something I haven't heard before.

So Kobe might get off without a trial (no pun intended)? If the allegations are true, the ineptness of the legal system when celebs are defendants continues, with no surprise to me.

Why go to work when there is no work to be done? I love my job and all but I can just as easily do nothing from comfort of home.

August 28....tubing out towards San Antonio with friends, one of the highlights of the month.

Jeff Burton signs with RCR to drive the AOL car, maybe he can win a race, though he might need directions to Victory Lane.

Rumor around the office says we're moving and I'm getting my own office. So if anyone sees a "Costanza" desk, let me know.

The Olympics officially kick off tonight in Athens. I still don't trust NBC with their "live coverage", am I the only one who realizes a lot of this stuff is taped and the only thing live is the talking studio heads.

That aside, I want to see Rulon win another gold.

If the ancient Greeks could see what we've done to the games, they'd puke.

In a perfect world, I would have Walt's Roast Beef for lunch today, Newport Creamery for dinner, and go to Twin Oaks and Marchetti's, Aunt Carrie's and Greggs this weekend. Oh and did I mention I could use some Caserta's too!

Dang, maybe I'll just go get lunch at the Chicken...

till next time,
God Bless


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