Thursday, September 30, 2004

Sneak Peek At 2005

The baseball gods are finally doing somethings right and I may have a vacation trip to plan to the North Side of Chicago next June. What self respecting Red Sox fan would not try to get to Wrigley to watch the battle of the loveable losers at Wrigley Field.

"The Red Sox won't have to wait long to see how they match up with their archrivals, the New York Yankees, next season.

According to the 2005 schedule, yet to be officially released but obtained from an industry source, the Red Sox will open the season in Yankee Stadium on April 4, the start of a three-game series. It will mark the first time the two teams have opened against one another anywhere since 1992, when the Sox began their season in the Bronx.
It's possible that the opening matchup might still be moved up a day to Sunday, April 3, for a prime-time telecast on ESPN. This season, the Sox kicked off their season with a similar Sunday night telecast in Baltimore.

After a three-game weekend series in Toronto, the Sox will also host the Yankees in their home opener on April 11. Not since 1985 have the Yankees been the visiting team for a Red Sox home opener.

The Sox will travel back to New York on Memorial Day weekend for a three-game set May 27-29, then host the Yankees in the first four games after the All-Star break -- July 14-17.
Finally, the teams will have two more series in September -- three games in New York Sept. 9-11 before closing the regular season with a three-game series at Fenway on Sept. 30, Oct. 1 and Oct. 2.

Boston will play three National League teams on the road and host three others in interleague play. The Sox host Atlanta May 20-22, travel to St. Louis June 6-8, then, for the first time, meet the Chicago Cubs in the regular season in a three-game set June 10-12 at Wrigley Field."

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Alfred, Bring the Car Around

So, after having spent most of last night up to my ears in laundry, I have decided to get on the bandwagon of searching for a butler. The idea was first brandied about earlier this week by Ol' Army's very own Kyle Newcomer, who's blog I've added a link to on the left. Now, I don't know Kyle all that well, but we share many mutual friends and have shared an evening or two with a few pints and those friends. But on to my point, which may turn into a rehash of Kyle, but with a few things added or subtracted, we shall see.

If I had a butler, I do believe I would have a lot more free time to waste watching movies, NASCAR, baseball, and traveling. Heck, I wouldn't even have to drive! Not only that, I'd have a means of seeing my laundry done regularly without any hassle on my part to get it done. This in and of itself is reason enough to get a butler. No more ironing, worrying about burning clothes because of the setting not being the same on the clothes and the iron, despite both being "medium" or "low." Freshly, pressed and hanging for me to choose from my wardrobe.

With the butler comes the automatic upgrade out of the aprtment I currently sleep in, to a nice manor in the Victorian style, possibly with my own secret super hero "batcave" or "fortress of solitude" (and yes I know the fortress of solitude in Superman mythos is an ice cave at the south pole). This in turn means a nice Bentley to be driven around in, may I suggest a straight 8-cylinder classic look.

With said manor, comes the automatic upgrade to handsome, rich guy. No matter how but ugly a man is, money makes him attractive because "chicks dig the car." Amazingly turning my life into one of hobnobbing with wealthy philanthropists and heads of state. Such gala events would provide excellent date settings, especially if we're talking big bands and lot's of dancing, slow dancing, where while dancing one can carry on a conversation with one's dance partner.

After such events, I would be obliged to bring said lady back to the manor for wine by the fire place, perhaps more conversation, or just watching a movie, wait back up, let's make that just watching the stars in the observatory of said manor. Then I could send her home with a ride in the Bentley, while I go to sleep soundly in a nice comfy bed, with goose down pillows and comforter.

So you see, a butler means instant upgrade. Fame, fortune....wait a minute, I really don't want those. Ok so there is a snag in the plan, but it's in its infancy. It can be modified. Besides, the butler gets rid of pressure to find a wife to cook and clean and pretty much keep things from getting too manish around the manor. Of course, it also rules out the companionship which a woman can provide to her husband. Of course, with things the way they are right now and with little to no prospects on the horizon (of course I am usually blind to them do to my own foolish nature at times), a butler may be good for the short term and if I want to keep him around after any wedding, well...the wife can always hire a maid, unless she brings one with her and it's not the mother-in-law. Dang, this is more complicated than I thought.

Well, obviously I need better planning. So until next time remember that John Kerry being elected President is the worst thing that could happen since Greedo shooting first!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The Hunt For Red (S0x) October

As September winds down the Hunt for October is heating up. Last night the Red Sox beat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays to clinch a spot in the American League Playoffs, as at least the wild card team. They can still win the AL East division by making up 3 games on the Yankees with 6 to play. The Yankee Magic Number is 4, which means any combination of Red Sox losses and Yankee wins adding up to 4 will make New York the AL East champions, again.

Red Sox Nation is happy, but will not be satisfied unless the Dirt Dawgs from the Fens can bring home the first World Championship since 1918.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Why is it that some days I just can't get out of bed? I mean seriously, do I really need to stare at the clock up until the last possible minute I can without being late to the office? I like my job, I like my co-workers and still some mornings I just can't get going.

Perhaps it is because I have a whole lot of stuff on my mind lately, which I will not get into here because some it can only get me into a hole. So I shall observe the second rule of holes, if you think you might dig one, don't bring the shovel out of the shed. For those of you not familar with the first rule of holes, it is simply when you find yourself digging one deeper and deeper, stop.

Which brings me to now, now. Cause we just past then...just now. (I felt like a Spaceballs reference was needed). Here I sit, early in the morning with an open can of Coke on my desk in order to attempt to get some caffeine into my system, it doesn't seem to be working though. The next stage would be a trip to Starbuck's for something stronger and much more pricey. I don't see that happening though, which is good for the wallet.

Did I mention we're down to 8 staffers in the office on a regular basis, if not we are, which is not good. I do not not know what the future holds for us here, but my resume is polished and I am keeping my eyes and ears opened for other opportunities. I'm not saying I plan on leaving this job, it's just if anything happens I want to be ready to move quickly on to other things.

Speaking of other things, I am beginning to consider vacation plans for next year. So many friends have come to tell me of their experiences in Europe, Australia, and places around the US that I am really trying to figure out something different. Please use the comment feature to add your suggestions. Also, my friends, if you are thinking of traveling anywhere, let's talk cause it would be more fun to go with friends somewhere.

Speaking if the comment feature....use it people!

Ok, my caffeine infusion is done, here's hoping it works. And note to self: I need to look into the CCL/CHL classes here in town.

Until next time, remember:

Kermit : How did you get a driver's license?
Fozzie : I took a correspondence course.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

For What It's Worth

Paparazzi is an interesting movie, go see it if you get the chance.

Of all the movies on the horizon, Friday Night Lights intrigues me the most.

The Red Sox continue their march to October, this weekend brings three games in the Bronx. Baseball in September, I like it!

The Patriots won the first game of the year, beating the Colts 27-24. By my count, that is win number 16 in the streak. Next up, on the road vs. Arizona and a shot at number 17.

If a tree falls in the woods, does anyone still the hear the locking of ice rinks to NHL players?

The Bungles...I mean Bengals are favored over the Dolphins. This could be the first time this has happened since the days of the Icky Shuffle.

The Aggies shutout Wyoming 31-0. I still do not want hear the chant of Wrecking Crew. The defense is not the crew until QB's run for their life, corners stick like glue on receivers, and a good run is getting back to the line of scrimmage. Bring on Bowden and Clemson. One step at time.

The third deck at Kyle Field is interesting, I don't like it, but it's interesting.

Speaking of which, Barticus...where's my ticket upgrade?

I don't know about you Bunky, Roger Clemens could win the Cy Young award in the National League. Why can't the Red Sox get pitchers like that?

Rick Ankiel has returned to the majors, a true story of trials and perserverance for that young man. I can't help but root for him to succeed.

I must eat crow Bunky, I am enjoying this new Chase for the Nextel Cup in NASCAR. Of course if you had told me at the beginning of year that Dale Jarrett and Kevin Harvick would be out and Elliot Sadler and Jeremy Mayfield would be in, I'd have given the number of a good shrink and asked for some of those 'shrooms.

Dan Rather might be getting a nice slice of humble pie. CBS...constantly broadcasting silliness.

Somehow, I never got the memo to watch Joey on NBC. Then again, I never got the one to put a cover letter on my TPS reports. I see a developing pattern.

Speaking of television shows, when does the new season of JAG begin?

Well until next time, you'll put down your rock and I'll put down my sword, and we'll try and kill each other like civilized people.

New Look, Same Great Taste!

Yes, you are in the right place, I'm doing some major renovations to my blog. Going for a more classic look, more streamlined, and less cluttered look to it.

I am scrapping the flooble chatterbox, because no one uses the dang thing. So it is gone the way of the dodo, and I don't mean the one's we saw in Follow That Bird. If you remember that movie, I'm glad I am not the only one!

I Beg Your Pardon?

On another note, welcome Lesley to the blogging crowd! The "Orange Crush" has fallen into the abyss with the rest of we bloggers. I look forward to reading what she has write about who knows what. Welcome to the club Lesley. Use the easy to find link to see her blog!

Well I must get back to work, I will post something more substansive soon...maybe even another edition of FWIW! You all can only hope!

Friday, September 10, 2004

If I Could Build A Time Machine

I wouldn't got back to 1982, like that dweeb in Napolean Dynamite that's for sure. But that idea got me thinking, if I could build a time machine, where would I go, if I could? Granted I wouldn't want to be anywhere but where I am now, at this moment, but it's nice to day dream when things at work are too dang slow.

I'd go back to 1776 and stand with the Colonial Army when Washington ordered the Declaration of Independence read. I'd go back to 1863 and from a mountain top look down upon Gettysburg and the waters which ran red. I'd go to 1941 and watch the sneak attack on that fateful December day from the land of the rising sun. I'd go to the beaches of France on the 6th of June when hell spat out it's fury onto the beaches of Normandy.

I'd go to Waterloo and watch that Frenchie get squashed like a bug under shoe. I'd go to 1918 and see the Red Sox win it all. I'd go back to 1990 and the summer of baseball and the autumn of football. I'd go back to the dawn of time to see it all spread out before my eyes and glimpse the wonderful start of God's creation. I'd go an converse with Stonewall, Lee, Grant, Sherman, and Chamberlain to understand them more than a book could ever tell. I'd go back to a little town in Illinois called Dixon and meet a kid named Dutch Reagan and buy him a beer and thank him for what he would grow to do. I'd go back and say goodbye to ole Smokey, Candy I, and sweet young first 3 dogs, in a manner my young mind never figured out when they had to go I think they all went "to join circus" or something folks tell their kids to avoid the blow of the death of a pet.

I'd go back to a place and time where the worries of today were far from my mind. When snowmen were the only thing to worry about in the winter and how long past curfew could you push playing baseball up the street at the field with the neighborhood boys was the biggest worry in summer. A Del's lemonade was just a ride away, Iggy's Doughboys up at Oakland Beach were a treat, and a morning breakfast at Snoopy's Diner on the way to Newport was a grand adventure. Yes, there was a picture of everyone's favorite beagle and WWI flying ace on the sign and the menu's.

But there is no time machine, so I make due. I'm a little more serious, have some more responsibilites and more duty to others. Yet, there's still a hint of that kid inside that gets loose every now and then, for better or worse.

Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional, a song remembers when, and you're always 17 in your home town.

But man, if I could build me a time machine, I'd go places. Even back to December 1995. Convinced coach to not call that play...we would have won state.

Monday, September 06, 2004

The Red Sox enter today's action just 2 and half games behind the Evil Empire. A month ago it looked as if they were sinking fast and would be battling for the wild card, now a division title is within site. I am excited and couple that with the Patriots opening up the year on Thursday night at home against the Colts. My sports viewing is exciting and enjoyable. Now if only someone would come through with a ticket to this Saturday night's Wyoming game, I would be very grateful, but if they can't it will not be the end of the world, though I will not be in great spirits about missing the game.

I have had a lot on my mind the last week or so, mainly involving work. Things have been very slow the past few months. Last week ownership announced an organizational shakeup where much of the marketing responsibilty was given to the rank and file, with some individuals becoming "team" leaders. Well, I happened to be (un)fortunate enough to be one of these. As if the stress of not knowing if the doors will open tomorrow add to that the knowledge that the well being and jobs of my fellow co-workers now rest on the results that some of us will be responsible. Now, I'm not marketing guru so it makes for some interesting times. I find my only solace and comfort in prayer that what I do will serve the Lord and the knowledge that the Lord has placed me where He has for His purposes. If not for this, I can only imagine how unbearable I would be to be around right now.

With today being Labor Day, I can think of nothing more fitting than the reminder that the Lord has an intended purpose for us all, for His glory and that we should approach our jobs with Him in mind and not the worries and stress of this world. Of course, it is easier said than done.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Dawn Has Broken

First things first... last weekend I had the great honor of traveling to Belverde, Texas to visit my good friend Wendy and go tubing on a river near her place (which is beautiful by the way). Much fun was had by all of us! The secret, in my humble opinion, was the sauce and the wood! Thank you's go out to Wendy and her folks for allowing us to stay at their house on the hill, where deer are in the back yard when you wake up! Good luck moving up to Big "D' Wendy, enjoy school, you're going to do great!

The past week has seen the return of the Aggies to College Station, which means long lines, more traffic, and of course folks wandering around lost. Oh, how I do love it. Of course, it also means the return of many friends who I haven't seen in awhile and the chance to hang out with others on a more regular basis.

Tonight, our beloved Aggie football team kicks off the season at Utah on ESPN. I will make no prediction, but I expect the team to be hungry for success after the nightmare which saw them whipped like a government mule by most of the conference. They have something to prove to themselves. "Who do you play for?"....indeed.

The night is gone and dawn breaks on another football season, another school year, and a whole bunch of new things. Here is to new beginnings, old friends, new friends, and new understanding.

As they say, when you just know.