Thursday, September 02, 2004

Dawn Has Broken

First things first... last weekend I had the great honor of traveling to Belverde, Texas to visit my good friend Wendy and go tubing on a river near her place (which is beautiful by the way). Much fun was had by all of us! The secret, in my humble opinion, was the sauce and the wood! Thank you's go out to Wendy and her folks for allowing us to stay at their house on the hill, where deer are in the back yard when you wake up! Good luck moving up to Big "D' Wendy, enjoy school, you're going to do great!

The past week has seen the return of the Aggies to College Station, which means long lines, more traffic, and of course folks wandering around lost. Oh, how I do love it. Of course, it also means the return of many friends who I haven't seen in awhile and the chance to hang out with others on a more regular basis.

Tonight, our beloved Aggie football team kicks off the season at Utah on ESPN. I will make no prediction, but I expect the team to be hungry for success after the nightmare which saw them whipped like a government mule by most of the conference. They have something to prove to themselves. "Who do you play for?"....indeed.

The night is gone and dawn breaks on another football season, another school year, and a whole bunch of new things. Here is to new beginnings, old friends, new friends, and new understanding.

As they say, when you just know.

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