Friday, September 10, 2004

If I Could Build A Time Machine

I wouldn't got back to 1982, like that dweeb in Napolean Dynamite that's for sure. But that idea got me thinking, if I could build a time machine, where would I go, if I could? Granted I wouldn't want to be anywhere but where I am now, at this moment, but it's nice to day dream when things at work are too dang slow.

I'd go back to 1776 and stand with the Colonial Army when Washington ordered the Declaration of Independence read. I'd go back to 1863 and from a mountain top look down upon Gettysburg and the waters which ran red. I'd go to 1941 and watch the sneak attack on that fateful December day from the land of the rising sun. I'd go to the beaches of France on the 6th of June when hell spat out it's fury onto the beaches of Normandy.

I'd go to Waterloo and watch that Frenchie get squashed like a bug under shoe. I'd go to 1918 and see the Red Sox win it all. I'd go back to 1990 and the summer of baseball and the autumn of football. I'd go back to the dawn of time to see it all spread out before my eyes and glimpse the wonderful start of God's creation. I'd go an converse with Stonewall, Lee, Grant, Sherman, and Chamberlain to understand them more than a book could ever tell. I'd go back to a little town in Illinois called Dixon and meet a kid named Dutch Reagan and buy him a beer and thank him for what he would grow to do. I'd go back and say goodbye to ole Smokey, Candy I, and sweet young first 3 dogs, in a manner my young mind never figured out when they had to go I think they all went "to join circus" or something folks tell their kids to avoid the blow of the death of a pet.

I'd go back to a place and time where the worries of today were far from my mind. When snowmen were the only thing to worry about in the winter and how long past curfew could you push playing baseball up the street at the field with the neighborhood boys was the biggest worry in summer. A Del's lemonade was just a ride away, Iggy's Doughboys up at Oakland Beach were a treat, and a morning breakfast at Snoopy's Diner on the way to Newport was a grand adventure. Yes, there was a picture of everyone's favorite beagle and WWI flying ace on the sign and the menu's.

But there is no time machine, so I make due. I'm a little more serious, have some more responsibilites and more duty to others. Yet, there's still a hint of that kid inside that gets loose every now and then, for better or worse.

Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional, a song remembers when, and you're always 17 in your home town.

But man, if I could build me a time machine, I'd go places. Even back to December 1995. Convinced coach to not call that play...we would have won state.

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