Thursday, October 28, 2004

Boston Red Sox World Champions 1903*1912*1915*1916*1918*2004

86 Years of waiting, generations come and gone, great players, post season goats, and heartbreaks.

Over the last 86 years, the world has seen a lot of change. Prohibition enacted the day after Ruth was traded to the Yankees. World War I ends, the Great Depression, Women's Suffrage, World War II, Men on the Moon, Computers, radio, television, the internet, Woodrow Wilson to George W. Bush, Frank Sinatra, John Wayne, Elvis Presley, the Beatles, the Florida Marlins, and of course the invention of sliced bread in 1928.

I can not help but think of all the greats and not so greats that have come and gone and not seen this day in a Red Sox uniform. Ted Williams, Yaz, Fisk, Pesky, Doerr, Cronin, Foxx, Radtz, the Eck, Jim Rice, Dewey Evans, Bill Buckner, Tony Armas, Bruce Hurst, Mo Berg, Bob Montgomery, Rich Gedman, Marty Barrett, Rico Petrocelli, Mike Greenwell, Lee Smith, Steve Lyons and the list just goes on and on.

After 86 years the curse of the Bambino, is broken. No more Buckner, no more Enos Slaughter, no more Bucky Dent, no more Aaron Boone, and no more Bob Gibson. The Red Sox have won the World Series. The waiting was the hardest part.

I raise a toast to those fans who lived and breathed Red Sox baseball and for one reason or another never got to see this day. A lot of tears are being shed tonight out of joy and sadness. There are those who wish only that their loved ones could be here to celebrate this. Tears for those who died young and those who died old. Red Sox fans are a diehard bunch, we live and breathe this team and we know that somewhere those who came before us are celebrating somewhere greater. Sons who never were able to share this with their fathers, sons who's fathers never came home from wars, fathers who's son's never came home....sadness and joy. To our friends who were called home before us, we toast to you and know you are smiling.

If you didn't grow up in Red Sox Nation, you can not understand the passion that we have for this team nor the heart and emotion that accompany it. I will not even try to explain in a few words. I will gladly sit down with any of you who wish to understand.

I weep for joy. Now what, perhaps another golden age of Red Sox baseball. This is simply awesome. The party will last for a while for a day many thought would never come has arrived, the curse is broken. A lunar eclipse of the heart and the Red Sox sweep the St. Louis Cardinals.

Yes Boston, this is not a dream. The Boston Red Sox are the World Champions for the first time since 1918.

The work for next season must begin with free agents to sign back: Lowe, Pedro, Varitek, Cabrerra....time to get the band back together. For now, let's enjoy this.

We can start counting the days till the 2005 season opens. When the defending World Champion Boston Red Sox will be introduced and start defense of the title in the Bronx against the New York Yankees. For a change, they're chasing us. How sweet it is!

86 years....we suffered long enough...hang the lanterns in Old North Church....and wherever you are in Red Sox Nation, enjoy's been a long time coming.

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