Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Deja Vote?

So here we sit, the morning after, with headaches and all and still no one doing the walk of shame. No I'm talking about something like that....I am talking about the 2004 Presidential election.

President George W. Bush appears to have won victory over challenger (and phony Red Sox fan) John Kerry. The President has a majority popular vote (about 51%) and the highest popular vote total in American history. Most news outlets are holding off calling Iowa, New Mexico, Nevada, and Wisconsin. The three former states appear to be safely in the President's hands, the latter favoring the challenger. Ohio is the key state, still up in the air with the President holding a 150,000 vote lead (give or take) with about the same number of provisional ballots outstanding. Senator Kerry would need almost all of those ballots to fall his way and have all of them be legal and none thrown out.

Watching the various network coverage till 1 in the morning here in Texas (yes, I am a closet election junkie) I was surprised and pleased with the care many networks took in projecting states, but am amazed that they currently will not call certain states. I believe it is a way of being overly cautious and to not show the President as having over the 270 needed to win. IF Bush carries Ohio and loses everything else still on the board, he still wins in a 269-269 tie, however that only happens if no electoral voters cross lines...which at least one in West Virginia (a Bush state) has threatened to do. In the event of a tie, it goes to the House with each state delegation getting 1 vote and more than 25 state delegations are controlled by the Republicans. In a tie, the Vice President would be chosen by the Senate, which now has a Republican majority.

I look forward to seeing how this plays out.

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