Monday, November 29, 2004

For What It's Worth

The Patriots are 10-1 and I hear the talk of New England is how to keep the Red Sox together. The Patriots upstaged by the largest story in New England sports history, the blue and silver headed step children of the Red Sox quietly doing the unheard of in the age of NFL parity, 25 of 26 and still the Red Sox take the headlines.

The more I watch the western conference teams play basketball, the more convinced I am that I was robbed of knowing good basketball as a child outside Larry Bird.

"Till the Last Man" the latest novel from Jeff Shaara begins his foray into the 20th century as it covers World War I continues the tried and true formula begun by his father in "The Killer Angels".

The chase for the Nextel Cup gave NASCAR what it needed in tv ratings, but bastardized the championship meant for season long consistency in order to award the hot hand over the last 10 races.

No matter who you spend Thanksgiving with, nothing fills the hole left by the absence of family.

The PHS football alumni welcome the newest team, that of '04 to the post season club and honor that now only belongs to 4 teams in school history. None have ever won a game but we won't talk about it.

Why is it that men, no matter what we do or don't realize we've done can seemingly piss off the whole female gender? My answer, we think different.

Another fact of reality, when you're looking for a career advancement move...nothing seems available. Is it a matter of there being nothing or being too picky?

What's the difference be the Aggies and decade old raisin bran? The Aggies belong in a bowl.

I think a few days in San Diego followed by New Years in Vegas would be fun.

He's not flashy, but Tom Brady is my first choice at QB if given a choice.

Speaking of Brady, should we send Mo Lewis a thank you note for that hit on Drew a few years ago yet?

10-1 and the question remains, Will the Sox resign Varitek?

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