Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Welcome to the abyss. That deep, dark hole that for some reason or another manages to find you every now and then. Have you ever gone to work, hoping to get fired from a job you enjoy? Did you think Office Space could ever have a real life cousin? Did you ever once feel so down in mouth that you had to look up with a periscope to see your food?

Welcome to the world I now inhabit. Welcome to my office and my job. We're going bankrupt, no matter what the owners say, I'm sure we're going to close...soon. Morale is now at an all time low. Bloodlettings and floggings might actually improve it because that would give us something to look forward to.

A year ago when looking for employment while finishing grad school, I decided for a variety of reasons to try to stay around town. Best decision I ever made, it's been a wonderful year one of the happiest I can ever recall, thank God for it daily. Now, I find myself at one of those cross roads points in life, it's kind of interesting. Very seldom do people recognize these points, sometimes they are small..like a chance meeting on a bus with the person you end up married to, others like this stare you down like a train, one lonesome whistle and a bright light. All you can do is stand on the tracks and see who flinches first. Trains don't flinch, people do. The only question is where you land when you dive out of the way.

There are several options, on each side are multiple soft flower beds, perfect for landing. Each with it's own set of good and bad. A rose bush has thorns, daisies have bees, the tulips have ants, etc. The question is how to choose. The only way is simple, pray for God to guide to you to where He wants you. We must remember that life isn't always hugs and puppies. Sometimes "life is pain, anyone who says otherwise is selling something."

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