Monday, November 08, 2004

Well folks it don't happen often, but I feel like waxing poetic in public on the fly... feel free to comment using the comment feature. I actually write quite a bit, but seldom ever share it...tonight I just feel like edits, no thought...just writing what comes to mind. I hope you like it.

Cool northwind makes the autumn breeze
Whistlin and rattlin through the trees.
The moon above walks its course so straight,
As I sit and ponder at this hour late.
Thoughts and musings running through my head,
Unable to get myself into bed.
I think of things in my private night,
That in the day do not see light.
Of things so somber and so blue,
Of things so happy and so true.
Tell me owl on the air,
Of the maiden young and fair.
Who this night you have seen,
Dancing by the light of moonbeam.
Radiant beauty all behold,
Yet for one as such there is no mold.
Tell me crickett chirping away,
Do you know what I shall do this day?
Cirlces and squares the pegs don't fit,
What all will come of it?
At the TV I sit and stare,
Of events worlwide I'm made aware.
Around the world blood will run red,
And Fezzik reminds me that they'll "all be dead."
And yet in sadness and despair,
I still can see that maiden fair.
And I wonder wouldn't life be grand,
If only, only she'd take my hand.
And through this world we would parade,
till that day for which all were made.

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