Friday, December 17, 2004

For What It's Worth

David Wells, the man who claimed to be half drunk when he pitched perfect game with the Yankees, signed with the Red Sox. The announcment was made in Crown Royal Room at Fenway. Fitting, very fitting. Welcome to Beantown Boomer.

John Halama...who the heck is he?

Edgar Renteria, welcome to Fenway, enjoy peppering the wall and the new infield.

Notre Dame hired Patriots offensive coordinator Charlie Weiss, while I wish Coach Weiss well...who in their right mind wants to coach under the tarnished dome in South Bend?

I like Virignia Tech in an upset over Aurburn.

Scrap that San Diego and Vegas vacation...New Years in Dallas. New Years Eve celebrating and then an early morning appointment to go Cotton picking. And I get to spend it with friends, some of whom I haven't seen in awhile.

Apparently calling a guy "metro" does not mean he is from a big city.

As much as Texans appreciate the volunteers from Tennessee and their help at a little mission in San Antonio all those years ago, we look forward to beating your football team. Rocky road ahead if you want to sing Rocky Top.

The Texas A&M men's basketball team in undefeated. Then again, against their schedule a good AAU team would be too.

Frtom 4-8 to 7-4 and a bowl game...Fran is the man in Aggieland.

A&M and Tennessee have played only once..a 3-0 shootout won by the Vols in Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant's last game as Aggie head coach before going to Alabama. Coach Fran's first bowl game...against the Vols. Weird and cool.

For those looking for a good read, go check out Ben Vastine's bew blog from 12/11 or there on the link he gives...good reading will be found.

I recently read the the Reformation was a liberal movement. This from the pages of the Providence Journal's letters to the editor. The writer tried to spin history as support for the tv ad campaign in Rhode Island for the UCC. If wrote a good retort, maybe it will get published, but in that liberal bastion...I doubt it.

Yes, the rumors are true, my company is filing chapter 11 bankruptcy. I am not out of job, but it doesn't improve thing either.

27 of their last 28 and when will the Sox resign Jason Varitek?

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