Thursday, December 02, 2004

A Post It Notes From the Office

I love the lack of work, let's me do other look for a new job as the staff here awaits the doors closing sometime soon, unless things turn around.

I took a post it note, wrote "IN" on it, stuck it on my trash bin. It adds flare, though not 15 pieces of it, to my work space.

One of the owner's, his name is Bob...should I tell him I'm missing work or should I just avoid the office space comment.

After lot's of searching, clickin on a random link found me at the the Texas Board of Professional Engineers website. Apparently, I'm elgible to apply for reciprocity with my NY EIT and I'm eligible to take the PE exam.

So as I look for jobs I realize how much I love and how happy I am here in this town, but realisitically I have to go where the work is...on one hand it kills me to think about on the other it's the right thing to do if something elsewhere pops up. I've decided that Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio are the best bets. In a perfect world it would be either of the first two with Dallas with a slight advantage because of the Rangers (Red Sox play them every year), Texas Motorspeedway (2 Cup Races a year now), and the Stars (Bruins..if the NHL ever comes back). Houston though has the rodeo, the Texans and the Astros. Jobs are great, but I think it's important to weigh other factors in choosing where to go. Money is not everything, nor should it be.

Well, I got to internet search some stuff.

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