Thursday, January 13, 2005

In what can only be described as one of the best basketball I have ever seen, tonight the unranked Aggies of A&M defeated the boys from Austin, who were ranked ninth in the nation, by a score of 74-63 at Reed Arena in College Station. The win marked the continued improvement and turn around from last year's winless conference record and 17 game losing streak as the Ags now find themselves a remarkable 12-1. The one loss coming last week at the hands of then ranked #2 Kansas at their house. Just an amazing game, it was also great to see some friends in town for it...the talented Mr. Dennison came in from Austin and can go back there quite happy, my favorite Dallas-ite (and fellow fan of the Crown) Miss Scott, and of course my favorite travel planner Miss Williams. I can only pray the all managed to stay dry after the game as upon exiting the warm, celebrating confines of Rowdy Reed, I and everyone else was greeted with one great fireworks display courtesy of mother nature. Thunder, lightning, torrential rains...still going on now, and quite lovely if I may say so.

Next week I start my new job. I leave my current one with mixed feelings, I am happy to be somewhere more stable with a regular pay check I can count on and budget on, but I will miss my co-workers, though one is coming to my new place too.

My thoughts, however, are muddled and varied with many topics both big and small occupying me from time to time. Yet, for now...I will just leave y'all with one thing.


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