Saturday, February 05, 2005

Hello blog world....I haven't posted in awhile because my computer is dieing a slow death. The new edition is on the way, but till it gets here I am trying to save what I can on this one, so that means being careful. Plus, it's gotten really slow. I mean, a turtle looks like the Flash next to it.

Tomorrow is Super Bowl XXXIX. The Patriots vs. The Eagles. It will be a good game. No predictions though you all know who I am rooting for. Well back to cleaning the apartment and getting it Super Bowl party ready.

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Steven Taylor said...

Congrats on the Super Bowl win there Ed. I was pulling for Philly but they didn't play like they wanted it, especially in the fourth quarter. McNabb looked really flat and they stuck with the running game a little longer than they probably should have. Still, it was a good, close game. The Patriots were the better team and they played like they wanted it.