Saturday, April 02, 2005

Cold wind howls round the door frame this eve,
Whistling a tune few ears believe,
Wonderful majesty in the simplest thing,
I drift away my mind to relieve,

I'm sitting on the pier on Narragansett Bay,
Staring at the boats making their way,
To and from, out and back,
Salt in the air, wind in my hair.

Gulls on the wing,
Their song to me sing,
Clamcakes and quahogs,
Del's and cranberry bogs.

The cold wind calls my mind back home,
To the town of my youth,
Yet the coldness reminds,
Of the snow and frozen over days,
When no sane person would be out on the bay.

So I listen to the sounds outside my door,
Horses running, scurrying about,
Warm weather tomorrow,
That's what it's about,

The cold only lasts
But a moment or two,
But in the rise of the sun,
Each day breaks anew.

So why worry,
Why fret?
Live life without a net.
A risk and a gamble,
A day to ramble,
Each a little bit similar,
But miles apart,
And I'm reminded,
His hands from my life,
Never shall part.

Twinkling stars,
Sing me to sleep,
This night dear Lord,
I pray Thee my soul to keep.

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