Sunday, June 12, 2005

It's The Simple Things

Summertime in Texas has arrived and is in full swing. The pace of life in the little, bustling town of College Station has slowed with all the Aggie leaving for the summer. Of course, some have stayed around for summer classes, but the numbers we see in the fall and spring are fading into a quaint memory. It is a time to relax and spend with friends. Whether over a cool glass of lemonade or a quite evening around the dinner table, it's just a time to catch up and have fun.
People watching is also a fun pastime in the summertime. For instance, last night I ventured out to Hurricane Harry's for the first time over 2 years. As the kids say in their vernacular slang, "I was pimpin" with three ladies in my company. I was able to watch some of what passes for dancing these days and let me tell you what, at least to the hip-hop, it's nothing short of simulated sex. It's sad really, just a testament to the fallen nature of human beings. I concur with what one of the ladies mentioned, kinda gives the image of what it was like for the Israelites when Moses went up to the top of Mt. Sinai. I can not respect a man or a woman who would prostitute their need for some sought of connection with another person in such fashion. I felt dirty and in need of a long shower just watching. It was interesting to see all the "hats" leave the dance floor when the latest from Usher, P-diddy, or 50 cent or who ever the heck it is came over the speakers.
With summer in full swing, it also means baseball season is picking up, the Sox baffle me, the pitching and hitting are yet to come together. They get a pass this year though based on their finally winning it all.
Till next time. Wait for your pitch and then hit it deep.

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