Thursday, June 23, 2005

Knife Wounds and Other Stuff

So I've had this cough for about a week. It started out being tolerable, but by Saturday it was pretty much dry heaves and wretching (lovely image, ain't loyal reader?). Anyway, I started on the cough syrup and it's getting better, but I do think I have inflicted injury upon myself. Everytime I cough and my ab region contracts, it hurts like a son of a gun. I guess it's kind of like a stabbing feeling from a fire hot knife. I can't remember feeling pain that bad from coughing before in my life. Not to mention the muscle I went and pulled in my back from it all, that's kind of sore too! Anyway, I don't how long it will last, but it's not worth seeing a doctor about. Cause all they could do is give me cough medicine and I'm already taking that.

Anyway, rumor has it a a former RA of mine is coming to Texas in July for a wedding and will be stopping in College Station to visit for a few days. The only other person in my dorm at RPI who knew George Strait. It's actually how we met, George playing on my radio and wafting out into the hall in old North Hall. She's currently studying patent law at the 'Cuse. Should be fun times the weekend of the 22nd of July.

Speaking of July 22nd, it's a month away folks. A historic date, when the Lord chose to grace the world with my precense way back in the day. Large amounts of small, unmarked bills will be greatly appreciated, or if you really want to buy me that ranch feel free.

I must be getting old. I have no taste for beer anymore, or at least I don't care much for it. I am finding my pallet enjoying wine much more, though for the occasional really great dark beer, I still enjoy those. I have also begun falling in love. Yes, it's true, that fine southern charm has gotten to me. Amazing but true, but a fine glass of sweet tea in the evening is a mighty fine thing, mighty fine. Had some of you thinking something else didn't I? Do not fear, the King of the Bachelor's is not about to cede the throne anytime soon. I'm a stubborn like that.

Also, note that the Sox are surging in the east, going into tonight they had the same record as last season after 70 games (40-30) and the win tonight over Chief Wahoo's Tribe in Cleveland moved them to just 1 game behind the Orioles. By the way, Schilling should be back in a week or two to bolster the pitching staff and rumor has it Jason Schmidt of the Giants is in the cross-hairs of GM Mr. Theo.

By the way tomorrow night, is double header night for the Westminster softball team. Here's hoping for a sweep and our first 2 wins of the season.

And a note on Senator Durbin...too little to late bub.

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