Friday, July 29, 2005

For the Curious

I will be starting a series on my undergrad educational insitution

"The Tute"

A Son Of Old R.P.I.
Words by R. Shermerhorn, Jr. '95
To the tune of "A Son of a Gambolier

Upon a hillside in a town
There stands a college old-
A college famed in history,
From hosts of stories told,
To teach the young idea to shoot,
It's worth its weight in gold,
It gathers from lands far and near
Its children to the fold.

Come join my humble ditty,
From Troy town I steer,
Like every honest fellow,
I drink my lager beer.
Like every honest fellow,
I never will go dry,
I'm a student from the Institute,
A son of old R.P.I.
A son of, a son of, a son of, a son of,
A son of old R.P.I.
A son of, a son of, a son of, a son of,
A son of old R.P.I.
Like every honest fellow,
I drink my whiskey clear,
I'm a moral wreck from the Polytech
And a hell of an engineer.

We students of the R.P.I.,
Are of a jolly kind,
And though we study hard at times
To cultivate the mind,
You'll always find us in for fun,
We're never left behind,
A happier crowd of fellows o'er
This earth you'll never find.


The maidens sweet all smile on us,
As boys we pass them by,
The "cops" along the street all nod
And wink the other eye,
The people turn to look at us
And say: "Oh me! Oh my!"
There go those wicked college boys
From that bad R.P.I.


The faculty at R.P.I.
Are, yea, a noble band;
For brains and intellectual worth
They're noted through the land.
The students honor all of them-
We trust them heart and hand-
They credit dear old Rensselaer,
Our alma mater grand.


Come then, and let us all unite,
Lift all your glasses high,
And drink a toast to her we love,
Whose glories never die.
Then bring the "Cherry and the White"
And wave it to the cry-
The old Rah! Rah! Rensselaer,
Three cheers for R.P.I.


Top Ten RPI Pick-up Lines
10. I have a Hewlett Packard 28S, with LOTS of bytes.
9. My Yugo is equipped with an 8-track, to play my Bee-Gees and Village People cassettes. Let's cruise!
8. Am I an athlete? I'm on the Varsity Bowling Team.
7. I can tell you the value of pi to fifty decimal places.
6. My roommate is gone for the weekend. Do you want to come over and play Pictionary?
5. My vocabulary is more extensive than that of William F. Buckley's...Impressed?
4. I have two tickets to a symposium on matrix algebra. Wanna go?
3. What's your sign...and SAT scores?
2. I can get you a free subscription to Nintendo Power magazine.
1. I can drink an entire case of Troy Pale Ale and STILL differentiate the Schroedinger equation. (I am out of practice on this one)

and one of our hockey cheers:

E to the X, DY, DX,

E to the X, DX.

Cosine, secant, tangent, sine


Square root, cube root, log of pi,

Dis-integrate them, R.P.I.!

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Vastine said...

no no, it's Virginia Polytechnic Univ......ah nevermind....

Ed said...

hehehe..Va Tech..I'm talkin about the 'tute!