Friday, July 15, 2005

For What It's Worth

The NHLPA and the NHL owners have reached a new collective bargaining agreement and there will be hockey in's almost puck season, be ready to shoot one!

The Chase for the Nextel Cup could begin without the sport's two biggest stars, right now Dale Jr. and Jeff Gordon are on the outside looking in.

Softball is a great game, winning would make it a bit better, being able to play on good wheels would be terrific. A few weeks ago I rolled an ankle, I think I may have done more than that to it, pass the tape and send me back out coach.

No ball player likes to end the night eating the donut, but after going 0-2 with an RBI and seeing the average drop over 100 points, I'll take the dip from .833 to .713 and gladly let it get down to .500 if we can win of these things.

Welcome back Gimpy, enjoy the bullpen.

Curt Schilling, the closer...experiments in the midst of a pennant race scare the crap out of me.

Schilling stands a chance of having the least chance of turning into a pryomaniac/arsonist in the pen though.

Red Sox fans remember these names: Dustin Pedroia and Jon Papelbon.

Call me crazy, but I don't think "Battle Hymn of the Republic" should be sung in a Christian service. For that matter, get the American flag out of sancturaries altogether too.

I just found out that I missed a boring time at the 'Tute for the 5 year reunion, though it would have been nice to see Cosmo and company again...I simply can not stand how they treat the alumni.

Coach Fran is coaching football at Blinn, look it up.

The City of College Station fired their City Manager today. May I suggest my good friend and yours, Buddy. Heck, I could work him. I could also go giving myself knife wounds in the shark tank. Doesn't mean I'd do it.

My brother is spending 3 days in the Bahamas. Excellent!

My brother is spending 3 days in the Bahamas underwater on a submarine and not on the beach. HA-HA!

No truth to the rumor that Nantucket Nectars is hiring Barry Bond, Jason Giambi, and Gary Sheffield to be the spokesman for the compnay's new "We're Juice Guys!" campaign, but we can only hope.

That's it, rename the damn race's the Tour de Lance...let's be clear on that one Frenchie.

Syracuse, New York's favorite cowgirl is coming to Texas next week, roll out the red carpet folks and break out the Shiner.

Speaking of cowgirls, my favorite is back in the area October 15th!

The hands of time are ticking, Friday the hour tolls again for the 27th time. I took Monday off.

I need to clean the apartment.

The Red Sox thumped the Yankees tonight 17-1.

TBBB is working on a new album due in October.

Have I mentioned that I got a hug from BB a few weeks ago. I don't get many hugs....I take what I can get.

"Somewhere Down in Texas", the new George Strait album, is pure gold.

Till next time remember .....

If dogs aren't supposed to eat dental floss out of the trash, why did they make it mint flavored?

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