Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Red Sox Test Out Rookies, Sweep Rangers

American League East 8/10/05
Team W L GB
Red Sox 66 47 ---
yankees 60 52 5.5
Blue Jays 58 55 8
Orioles 55 58 11
Devil Rays 43 71 23.5
You Might Be A Red Sox Fan if.....
10. the first word you learned to spell was Yastrzemski tell your friends that you won't give a marriage proposal unless it comes during the seventh inning stretch in Fenway Park.
8. you sold your soul for the 2004 season and don't regret it one bit
7. instead of "Mommy" or "Daddy" your kid's first word is "Manny."
6. your first born son will have Boston as a first or middle name
5. retirement years will be spent in Ft Myers in the spring and on the Cape in the summer
4. when depressed, you watch the "Buckner game"
3. your criteria in choosing a college is driving distance to Fenway Park. (it was...too close i would have flunked out)
2. any potential wedding in the fall will be after the World Series, just in case they make it
1. You make comparisons between the outfield arms of Gabe Kapler and Randy Kutcher and interject the first hand conversations you had with the Kutch when he was in the minors teaching you and other kids to catch a fly ball and note how he was a better a teacher than practicioner.
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