Monday, September 26, 2005

Are the sins of the father (or mother) the sins of the son (or daughter)?

"This week, 14-year-old Shay Clark was expelled from a Christian private school in California because her parents happen to be lesbians. "

This quote comes from an article I read on Yahoo! this evening and got me thinking about the hypocracy that exists in the world today. For those stumbling across this blog, allow me to state that I am a Christian and I do believe homosexual relations are sinful, however we are all sinful and in the eyes of God no sin is greater than any other. The standard of the Lord is perfection, one which none of us can attain.

So this young girl was expelled from a private Christian school in California due to the lifestyle of her mother. The lifestyle of her mother is in no way a reflection upon this young girl or her state of belief. The sin of the mother is being passed on by the school to be the sin of the daughter. A modern day playing out of what could be the old adage "the sins of the father are the sins of the son." A complete insult to the teachings of the Bible that this school claims to embrace.

Let me draw on some personal experience, yet it will unmentioned the cause of this or the reasoning because I don't share this part of me with anyone. However, I have done some studying and research on this area. In Christ, He who bore our sins on the cross and in who's righteousness we are clothed, are sins are forgiven. Even if one wants to hold onto the notion of gneration curses stemming from the Old Testament, those who place their faith in Christ have had their sin borne on the cross and are new creatures in Him. This would include any generational sin. So we know that the sins of the parents are not those of their children who profess faith in Christ.

It just burns me up to see such hypocracy and to use children as pawns in a powerplay political game between a sinful, self righteous Christian school leadership who believe the children should suffer for the sins of their parents. I disagree with the lifestyle of the parent this young woman, but it in no way shape or form can justify the actions of the school leadership in regards to the daughter. This is yet another example of the self righteous, pompous, chest beating pride all to common among many self professing Christians, because hey, they're sins aren't as bad as those they would impose judgement on.

May we constantly pray for humble hearts for our church leaders so as to avoid these situations and that children who are caught in the middle of such situations will not lose faith and find their shelter in the cross.

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rich said...


A lot of Christian schools are covenantal models. This means that the children are not just any child from the community, but children from Christian parents, parents who are able to covenant together to educate their children. The covenantal model wouldn't work without parents committed to the same thing as the school.

Kids are not autonomous. They are shaped by their parents. I'm sure the kid wasn't just kicked out for having the homosexuality sin, but for having parents who are opposed to the goal of the school.

I don't even believe that sin is a reason to kick someone out of a school. Getting pregnant out of wedlock, in my opinion, would be a bad reason to kick someone out. However, hitting a teacher would be a good reason. This doesn't mean it is any less atoneable in God's sight. Different sins have different consequences.

Parents have a lot of influence on their children. This is the way that God has ordained it. Again, the reason Christian parents send their kids to Christian schools is so that they will be able to find educators who are united with them on the goals of their children's education. This is just a case of parents being against the goals of the school, detracting from the school's overall effectiveness.