Friday, November 25, 2005

Ok, so I've decided to start writing, you know poetry/songs stuff like that. It's really what I'm best at, the engineering thing just pays the bills. Not to sound boastful, but when you're in the 95th percentile on every intelligence test you've ever taken...well you need to stay busy and keep the mind active. Hence, my attempts to learn to play the guitar and learn a new sport, hockey. I really do need to be busy, when I'm bored I get down in the dumps really easily. With today being Thanksgiving and having nowhere to go, I kept busy baking pies and watching football. However, even though folks may tell you that every holiday aways from family gets easier, let me tell you that they are full of shit. On the bright side, I'll be home for Christmas.

Home, an interesting concept. I've been living here in Texas for over 3 years now and I still refer to Rhode Island as home. I'm still renting and don't have a home of my own. When I do, that will be home, till then the house I grew up in and still have a lot of stuff in (till I get room for it) will be home.

Tomorrow marks the annual football game between my beloved Aggies and the wierdos from Austin. I went to Yell Practice tonight at Kyle Field and looking at the body language of the team, unless the coaches or players are inspired or find some fire, they're already defeated. I see no passion, I hear no passion. We're talking the big rivalry game and there is no passion, no fire in the belly, no eye of the tiger, no swagger, no cockiness, nada, zilch, niet, nothing. Tomorrow will be a long day for the Ags unless they find that extra something that teams need...I like to think of it as testicular fortitude. For those challenged in the vocabulary area...they need to play balls out.

Anyway, I am going to finish watching my DVD copy of the 1986 Cotton Bowl, A&M vs. Auburn and Heisman winner Bo Jackson. The 'Crew knew Bo and played with the aforementioned T.F..
Ags won....big.

Well, I am off to sleep. Until then dwell on this,

sometimes the best cowboys, aren't cowboys at all.

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