Monday, November 21, 2005

There is something so very simplistic about tooling down Highway 6 towards Hempstead early in the morning with a good CD blaring over the speakers and a hot chocolate steaming in the cup holder. No worries, no cares, no BS to deal with. I had a wonderful weekend at Liendo Plantation lending my limited abilities to assisting the Union cause with the Mississippi Marines. A great time, watching burnrished rows of steel rising over a hill and the smell of gun powder engulfing me, I must say it felt natural like I'd been there before and after a little instruction, had been doing what I was doing my entire life. Too bad Custer was riding a poofy horse, a nice horse yes, but the hair tassel on the head was a bit much. I enjoyed myself and I'm still tired and still smiling!

This week marks my third Thanksgiving in College Station. I'll spend Thursday baking pies and Friday at Kyle Field and visiting a friend in town for a cajun turkey day feast.

Last evening I went and saw "Walk The Line", go see it. If you have seen it, go again!

I was supposed to go see the film Friday night, but it was sold out so I ended up going to the Fox (where I should be part owner by now given all the money I've spent there) with my buddy Andy. We had a great time catching up, we hadn't really had time to hang out like that in a long time. It was awesome, and the free beer I got from the Fox was good too! It was such a good conversation, I did not see (until we were leaving) the two cute blondes who ended up sitting to my right....Perhaps that's a good thing.

Next Tuesday I venture into the mouth of hell, The Tap. There's only two reasons I'd go is to watch Aggie football if I couldn't get a seat anywhere else...most of you can guess the other. :-)

my copy of the U2 Houston show arrived n 2 CD's today. I'll be making copies for those that went.

I'd post more, but I don't feel like it. Wait till next time...I'm hungry and my turkey burgers are defrosted.

" Have you got anything for pain? I don't know how much more of this I can take, cause I've been stuck out here for days and this hangover just won't break"

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