Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Yes dear reader, you are in the right place. I've gone to a new look and a new title. I liked the old one, but you know, sometimes you just need change to shake things up a bit. I'd compare it to a fresh coat of paint on the walls of your favorite room in the house. Or a new set of sails on your trusty ole sail boat.

Sail boats, there's something I have not seen in a long time. I was feeling a bit homesick for them today as a big shot Houston lawyer was speaking in a work related training class today, cracking northerner jokes. Sadly, he's probably never set foot north of Waco. I started to day dream about Salter's Grove. A little park on Narragansett Bay just down the road from where I grew up. There was a large breakwater wall that one could get out to by climbing the rocks, and if you knew the right path, you could make it without fear of getting wet. I used to go out there and just sit for hours to think and watch the boats sailing up and down the bay. Looking like they had somewhere important to be getting to, yet at the same time not really being a hurry to get there and just enjoying the water and the sun. It never got old, truth be told I miss it. To just sit and be still, knowing that you're not the first person to sit here nor the last and that life is so precious and this world so much greater than the things we've got on our minds. Really, will it matter ten years from now if the biggest irritation I've got is the fact that the sole's of my nice dress black shoes need repair and it irritates me that Italian leather shoe's just aren't built the way used to be? Seriously, is it to much to ask that shoe's withstand the wear and tear I put them through on construction sites? Is my project really so important that I sometimes am working it through my mind when I've long sense the office?

Small stuff, really don't mean much. Yet it's in the simplest thoughts and things that we can find the most happiness. A hug from a friend, seemingly insignificant to the giver can mean the world to world on the squeeze end of it. Holding a door open, saying please and thank you. Staring up at the shooting stars at night. A young child saying something simply obvious and knowing that they're just getting it and it's a wonderment to them. Now that's cool, that's life.

And sometimes, you've just got let go and screw it all and just howl at the moon a bit. Then watch the boats sail out into the ocean until they're but a speck on the horizon, a little tiny object being at the mercy of the waves.

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