Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Hair Like Jesus
Throws Like Mary
Betray's Like Judas

Saturday, December 24, 2005


and let's not forget:

It's the time for the airing of grievences so gather round the Festivus Pole and have a HAPPY FESTIVUS!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Law & Order: CI marathon on USA. I's very interesting to watch. I know now that I could never write for such a television show, I can't stand such simplicity and wodden characters...but I watch still. Is that a comment on the show or me? I don't know, and I don't care to ponder.

The vacation continues, my Christmas shopping is complete. Thank goodness, because this time of year brings out the worst in Rhode Island drivers. I forgot how they will pull out across 2 lanes of traffic and stop and wait for an opening to make a left turn, thus backing up the whole road. It brings a few choice words from my lips everytime. Then there are the malls and the crowds and fast walkers and the slow walkers and the crying and the "I want this mama" and the Hapy Holidays. Seriously, J.D. Salinger's character of Holden Caulfield got it right "If Jesus could see Christmas He'd puke."

That aside, I am enjoying my time in my hometown, went to the old High School last night to watch the wrestling team participate in a city wide double-duel with the other two high schools in the city. My cousin won his matches by pin and I got to see my Aunt and Uncle and one of my other cousins. It was great seeing them and getting to chat for a bit.

With any luck I am off to the Boston area Tuesday to visit and old friend for dinner and either Friday or Saturday I'm meeting up with my best friend from RPI. Should be loads of fun in store.

It's funny to walk into the old school and realize it's been 10 years since I walked those halls. Even just around the gym area everywhere I looked were memories of days gone by, old friends, smiles, and lots of laughter. I wonder where we've all gone and what we are all doing now. Things have changed, new floor, new paint, but it's still the same beneath all the layers. I felt 17 again just walking around, guess the song is right you truly are always 17 in your hometown.

Back to the wrestling matches. It's been almost 10 years since my last match and I haven't seen many matches since. While watching last night, I saw a lot of things that I really wished for the chance to pass on what I know to the kids. Just simple stuff about technique and situational wrestling, seeing an opponents weakness in the first 5 seconds of match and exploiting it. Without realizing I was doing it, I was picking this stuff up just watching the matches. Not only were those around me astounded, I was too. I walked way from the sport almost 10 years ago and it still flows in my veins. I guess when you live and breathe it and have been through the battles and spilled the blood and broken the bones and torn the ligaments that I went through, it never leaves.

Anyway, I'm going to get back to Law Order:CI before hittin the hay. Till next time....keep the elbows in when you shoot and beware the sp-Ed lever.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Road Goes On Forever

Allow me to update the all of y'all on my past 48 hours or so. Those in B/CS know how late I was up Wednesday and Thursday nights and how due to work I didn't sleep much. So away we go:


6:58 AM- Wake up
7:00 AM- shake the cobweds out and call a young lady to make sure she is up to go to work.
7:05 AM- roll out of bed
9:00 AM- oil change
3:50 PM- dropped off at the airport by my best friend, who also got me a kick-butt poker set.
3:51 PM- best friend can't find cell phone...I call to check
3:55 PM- best friend finds phone in trunk of car (I wouldn't have looked there either)
4:40 PM- finally seated in the back of plane #1
4:48 PM- Take off to DFW
5:45ish PM- Land DFW
7:45 PM- Scheduled take off to Boston
9:15 PM- finally take off to Boston
now switching to EST (plus 1 hour CST)
1:20 AM- land in Boston
1:40 AM- get luggage
1:45 AM- leave Logan
1:50 AM- Mom lost in Boston and not listening to my directions to Rte 93 S
3:00 AM- get to Mom's
3:30 AM- sleep
8:00 AM- woken up
9:00 AM- breakfast
10:00 AM- picked up by father
11:00 AM- arrival in Parking Lot 11 at Gillette Stadium
11:30 AM- tailgating begins
1:30 PM- kickoff
4:30ish PM- Pats win AFC East with a 28-0 win over Tampa Bay (Peyton Manning soils himself knowing the Champs are back)
4:50 PM- resumption of tailgating
7:00 PM- leave parking lot at urging of police
9:00 PM- Wal-Mart for Christmas shopping with my brother
10:10 PM- went and saw Walk the Line with mom and brother
12:30 AM- home
1:25 AM- posting this and heading to bed.

Friday, December 16, 2005


To all my friends, Have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Be safe in your travels, no matter if you're just going around the corner or half a world away, take care, have fun, and see you all soon. Come home safe, Be safe and God Bless.

I am off to the northeast for the Holiday. Tomorrow I will be freezing my butt off watching:

at Gillette Stadium as Chrissy Simms and Tampa Bay come to Foxborough. I haven't been to the new stadium, so I am looking forward to it.

Monday, December 12, 2005

How Women Are Like Fish

Note: My Lawyer asked me to post the following message: The views and opinions expressed below are not those of the blog owner...he just thought it was friggin hilarious.

24 Ways Women are Like Fishes

24. Can hook either with a great line
23. Ummm, Eggs...duh!
22. Scales are important to each of them
21. They never have to buy drinks
20. The harder they shake their tail, the farther they can go.
19. They both eat strange things.
18. Neither can operate a vehicle.
17. Cold Blooded
16. Seen the movie Splash? Case Closed.
15. You must document great catches, or no one will believe you.
14. Sometimes you like them wild, sometimes you like them farm raised.
13. Bears will eat either of them
12. They get ornery when you try to grab them by their tail
11. They look for their mates in schools.
10. The deeper you go, the scarier they get.
9. Small Bladders.
8. Both travel in protective groups.
7. Three Words: Catch and Release
6. Their weight largely determines their value.
5. There are other's in the sea and/or bar
4. Neither travel well.
3. More fun to catch when drinking.
2. Easier to reel in after they wear themselves out
1. Both Attracted to Shiny objects.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Support the Lemon Law

In the real world, usually in relationship to car buying, there is the concept of the lemon law. Simply stated, if you buy a car and drive it off the lot and realize that it has major problems you can bring it back as a "lemon" and either get your money back or make a fair exchange.

Now from the wisdom of television comes an even better idea. The Lemmon Law of dating. What is this amazing concept you ask? Well sit back and prepare for me to blow your mind. One of my favorite shows currently on TV is the CBS hit comedy "How I Met Your Mother", one of the characters on the show is a guy named Barney (played by Neil Patrick Harris...aka. Doogie Howser, M.D.). Barney provides many interesting observations into the life of the twentysomething single life. Through this character, we have been given the lemon law.

Now what is the Lemon Law, it's quite simple. Within the first five minutes of any first date, if either party feels that the date is a dud they have the right to Lemon Law the other person. Just invoke the Lemon Law and cast the loser back into the sea no harm, no foul, no night wasted. Thus providing ample time in the evening to hang out with friends or do something else. This saves time, hassle, and most of all the unfortunate event of having to go through the motions of a date with someone who is a real dud.

That is the greatness of the Lemon Law. Embrace it. Love it. Live it. It could revolutionize your life!

Friday, December 09, 2005

I couldn't have said it any better...

"Texans are so funny when it gets cold; we bundle up in our warmest camouflage jackets and storm the area Wal-Marts for flashlights and tobacco in fear of being stranded without supplies. Then we sit in front of the TV and watch the news for 24 hours straight like it’s a major catastrophe, calling everyone we know to tell them there’s a chance of “freezin’ rain” tonight! They have to call a statewide holiday when the temperature drops below 50 degrees, because it’s too dangerous to be on the road with a bunch of rednecks who don’t know how to drive sober, much less when there’s ice on the road. Give us a tornado, THAT we can handle – everyone run to your trailers and put a mattress over your head. But God forbid it gets cold outside…" - Bonnie Bishop
For the rest of this, check out the December 7 entry here

Thursday, December 08, 2005


DECEMBER 7, 1941

2,403 KIA

1,178 WIA

640 MIA

188 planes lost

158 planes damaged

Every battleship of the Pacific Fleet, eight, crippled or sunk plus other ships

Sunday, December 04, 2005

fides precedit intellectum and fides quaerens intellectum
or The Suckage of the English language

Faith Precedes Understanding and Faith Seeking Understanding
In these phrases can be found the life long journey of the believer.

This afternoon I was feeling pretty blue, not blue in the face, not smurf blue, but just a bit down. I quickly determined the reason. I've been living in Texas for over 3 years now and I have yet to have my own Christmas decorations in my place of living. So I went out brought some ornaments and a small tree and a short string of lights. I spent the afternoon decorating the little tree, just a step above the Charlie Brown tree, but mine none the less. Yes, I got an artificial tree, because hey...I'm an engineer not a botanist.

While I was decorating the tree, I began pondering and contemplating "The Lord's Prayer." Particularly the different English translations used by various denominations. The problem in this case fairly straight forward, the English language sucks. There exist two prominent translations of "The Lord's Prayer". One uses the concept of tresspass and other uses the concept of debt. The problem is English has only one word for sin, Greek has several which can be translated as, or derivations of, tresspass and debt. I don't know Greek, but I did quick little bit of scholoarship on the internet when thinking on this.

So perhaps we should evaluate how we view "The Lord's Prayer." Perhaps a better understanding could be found in that our debt is the debt we owe to God for His love and how often we mess up (i.e. pretty much all the time). Our tresspasses being how much we continually violate God's boundaries. Sin in our culture is often looked upon with a two blindfolded eyes, everyone wants to see it in others (though easier to do) or in themselves (you mean we aren't perfect?).

So with an imperfect translation thanks to the nature of English, perhaps the translations could be revisited. Is it not the object of the Christian life to ask God "to forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who have sinned against us." Such a wonderful concept and example of the Christian life, marred only by the suckage of the English language.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Tonight I got to see a living legend in Texas Music. Ray Wylie Hubbard performed at the 3rd Floor Cantina. A folk singer gone a bit electric, cut on the mold of Willie, Cash and the outlaws. A man who saw Cash 2 days before he was busted in El Paso. One of the last links to the glory days of rock and country music. I give you the lyrics of one of my favorite RWH songs, a song entitled "Dust of the Chase". For some reason I see a Lonesome Dove moment in this song...

I come down from Oklahoma with a pistol in my boot
A pair of dice, a deck of cards and a bible in my suit
I come here as the cause of tears, I am a crying shame
Seven stud or eternal blood, just looking for a game

I double crossed the State of Texas and they give me a little time
I taught myself to doublecut the cards and hold scriptures in my mind
I learned to love the tumblin dice and to believe the word
Tombstones or rolling bones, beats anything I ever heard.

Patience is a virtue that I don't possess
And I can't deny that heaven lies beneath a cotton dress
How small a part of time we share 'till we hear the sound of wings
I'm lost in the dust of the chase that my life brings.

I have walked through God's green pastures and seen the rich blue skies
I have seen the fall of man and the kingdom hidden from his eyes
I have heard the roar of thunder and felt the lightening bolt
And when I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I take along
Samuel Colt

Every night I kiss the cards and hold them to my breast
And when I see the king of hearts I know that I am blessed
And though my eyes are blind sometimes, I know there's something there
And when the times at hand and I kill a man, I say a little prayer.

I come down from Oklahoma with a pistol in my boot
A pair of dice, a deck of cards and a bible in my suit
How small a part of time we share 'till we hear the sound of wings
I'm lost in the dust of the chase that my life brings.

How small a part of time we share 'till we hear the sound of wings
Lost in the dust of the chase that my life brings.