Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Law & Order: CI marathon on USA. I admit...it's very interesting to watch. I know now that I could never write for such a television show, I can't stand such simplicity and wodden characters...but I watch still. Is that a comment on the show or me? I don't know, and I don't care to ponder.

The vacation continues, my Christmas shopping is complete. Thank goodness, because this time of year brings out the worst in Rhode Island drivers. I forgot how they will pull out across 2 lanes of traffic and stop and wait for an opening to make a left turn, thus backing up the whole road. It brings a few choice words from my lips everytime. Then there are the malls and the crowds and fast walkers and the slow walkers and the crying and the "I want this mama" and the Hapy Holidays. Seriously, J.D. Salinger's character of Holden Caulfield got it right "If Jesus could see Christmas He'd puke."

That aside, I am enjoying my time in my hometown, went to the old High School last night to watch the wrestling team participate in a city wide double-duel with the other two high schools in the city. My cousin won his matches by pin and I got to see my Aunt and Uncle and one of my other cousins. It was great seeing them and getting to chat for a bit.

With any luck I am off to the Boston area Tuesday to visit and old friend for dinner and either Friday or Saturday I'm meeting up with my best friend from RPI. Should be loads of fun in store.

It's funny to walk into the old school and realize it's been 10 years since I walked those halls. Even just around the gym area everywhere I looked were memories of days gone by, old friends, smiles, and lots of laughter. I wonder where we've all gone and what we are all doing now. Things have changed, new floor, new paint, but it's still the same beneath all the layers. I felt 17 again just walking around, guess the song is right you truly are always 17 in your hometown.

Back to the wrestling matches. It's been almost 10 years since my last match and I haven't seen many matches since. While watching last night, I saw a lot of things that I really wished for the chance to pass on what I know to the kids. Just simple stuff about technique and situational wrestling, seeing an opponents weakness in the first 5 seconds of match and exploiting it. Without realizing I was doing it, I was picking this stuff up just watching the matches. Not only were those around me astounded, I was too. I walked way from the sport almost 10 years ago and it still flows in my veins. I guess when you live and breathe it and have been through the battles and spilled the blood and broken the bones and torn the ligaments that I went through, it never leaves.

Anyway, I'm going to get back to Law Order:CI before hittin the hay. Till next time....keep the elbows in when you shoot and beware the sp-Ed lever.

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