Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Road Goes On Forever

Allow me to update the all of y'all on my past 48 hours or so. Those in B/CS know how late I was up Wednesday and Thursday nights and how due to work I didn't sleep much. So away we go:


6:58 AM- Wake up
7:00 AM- shake the cobweds out and call a young lady to make sure she is up to go to work.
7:05 AM- roll out of bed
9:00 AM- oil change
3:50 PM- dropped off at the airport by my best friend, who also got me a kick-butt poker set.
3:51 PM- best friend can't find cell phone...I call to check
3:55 PM- best friend finds phone in trunk of car (I wouldn't have looked there either)
4:40 PM- finally seated in the back of plane #1
4:48 PM- Take off to DFW
5:45ish PM- Land DFW
7:45 PM- Scheduled take off to Boston
9:15 PM- finally take off to Boston
now switching to EST (plus 1 hour CST)
1:20 AM- land in Boston
1:40 AM- get luggage
1:45 AM- leave Logan
1:50 AM- Mom lost in Boston and not listening to my directions to Rte 93 S
3:00 AM- get to Mom's
3:30 AM- sleep
8:00 AM- woken up
9:00 AM- breakfast
10:00 AM- picked up by father
11:00 AM- arrival in Parking Lot 11 at Gillette Stadium
11:30 AM- tailgating begins
1:30 PM- kickoff
4:30ish PM- Pats win AFC East with a 28-0 win over Tampa Bay (Peyton Manning soils himself knowing the Champs are back)
4:50 PM- resumption of tailgating
7:00 PM- leave parking lot at urging of police
9:00 PM- Wal-Mart for Christmas shopping with my brother
10:10 PM- went and saw Walk the Line with mom and brother
12:30 AM- home
1:25 AM- posting this and heading to bed.

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