Sunday, January 29, 2006


Give me a moment to pick my jaw up off the ground, I have just witnessed the best performance I have ever heard from Bonnie Bishop and the Bonnie Bishop Band. The sound was great, the vocals were off the hook, and Bonnie and Allison proved once again that their band is prettier than any other band in Texas.

A tip of the hat to Bonnie, Allison, Rob, Greg, and the two new guys on drums and guitar.

There is just something in their music, it's what I'd like to say if I had the talent to do so. Though my writing has picked up in recent months. Which it tends to do when I get anxious, nervous and worried...hmmm- sounds like the last few months in a nutshell after the squirrel hid it in the crevices of the stone wall.

Anyway, I am off to sleep. Where I will think about how to get some more of her shows. February 24 in Ft. Worth might be doable and give me an excuse to go visit Andy, the 26th and 28th may also work. March is a ways out, but the 4th at the Saxson in Austin and the 7th in Houston at the Duck might work too.

Yes I know, that's a lot of shows. But the music they make just speaks to my heart and soul. Whatever they're doing, I get it on some level. I understand what they want to say, what they want the listener to feel. And I love them for that.

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