Sunday, January 01, 2006

Begin the journey in drear, dark night,
The darkness broken by slivers of light
From twinkling stars and the moon's day flight.

Somewhere in that darkness, a day breaks anew.
Slipping through time like a silent canoe,
Quieter than a lambs soft mew.

Speaking in silence to the world of men,
Yet shouting the promise of newness again
Reminding us to remember all that has been.

Quiet travellers go on their way,
Seeking their destination and the break of day.
In this early hour the Earth has her say.

In symphonic splendor the heavens ablaze,
Upon the new era we fix our steady gaze,
On the promise, and wonder, and all that amaze

Lest not forget the tired and least,
All things alighted when they head on back East.

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