Saturday, January 14, 2006

Champs Decide to let Someone Else Have Some Fun

Besides Does Anyone Really Want to Drive to Ford Field in ghetto Detroit?

The King is Dead, Long Live the King

And so ends the 2005-2006 edition of the New England Patriots who have gone the way of the every other team trying to win three straight Super Bowls, short. Credit the Denver Broncos, they're a good team with a great running game, the one thing the Patriots lacked this year. Running the football and not making mistakes is so crucial in the NFL playoffs and points of turnovers make the difference, tonight was proof of that old cardinal rule. I knew deep down the run would end this year, the running game wasn't there and hasn't been all year. The defense came together after Teddy came back, the offense rode that right arm all year. The thing I am most proud of though, even when down, these Pats don't quit. They keep fighting and keep clawing, they have heart.
Am I disappointed I won't be able to see my beloved Patriots keep playing towards history, you bet I am. See I lose interest in the playoffs once my teams are out of the post season. So now I don't care about the next few weeks, to me, the season is over. Time to get ready for baseball season and NASCAR, which will get going in about a month.
Fumbles, fumbles, fumbles...sloppy un-Patriotic football and me without any whiskey. Thank you Coaches, thank you players for another great year, a little short of the ultimate goal.
And so we go back to the bottom of the mountain, lick the wounds and heal the injuries that come with playing more games in the last 4 years than any other team in the NFL. It catches up with the body. Sure the year is over, but the heart keeps beating, they'll be back and hungry and looking for another trophy. The heart of a champion still beats in New England, mark these words...they will be back and there will be a reckoning, tell the rest the league they're coming next year, and hell will folllow with them.

As for the 2005-2006 season only one thing left to do:

On the bright side...Pitchers and Catchers Report to Ft. Myers on February 18. No centerfielder, no shortstop, a disgruntled leftfielder. Should be interesting.

Aggie baseball starts Feburary 10.

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