Saturday, January 21, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of All Ages,

I present to you the funniest website of all time: Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers

Also right now on PBS (yes I am one of those people who watch PBS), I am watching Celtic Women....a great show with lot's of Irish Lasses singing, and a most remarkable arrangement of The Ashoken Farewell (aka the theme from Ken Burn's miniseries, The Civil War). It's the funny thing about PBS, they show the best shows during fundraising know contribute $74 dollars and we'll send you a free $15 CD that is available in local stores. I can't knock them for it, especially the $250 donation getting 2 tickets and backstage meet & greet in Houston in April with the Celtic Women...hmmmm, best not to dwell on it, temptation to spend money and all.

Some of my hockey equipment arrived today, so bad ass KoHo pads and a black helmet with a chrome grill, it's sharp looking. All I need now are pants, gloves, a few sticks and some protective gear for those sensitive areas. Last night I skated for about 1 hr and 30 minutes, I'll admit it's most ice time in about a month and my legs are still feeling it. I do love skating, once I get to a certain point those endorphins kick in, the body goes on automatic pilot, and I can just think and the rest of the world slips away.

Speaking of hockey, hat's off to the Women Engineers at the 'Tute, RPI's first women's D-I season so far has resulted in a 13-2-2 record. Way to go ladies, better than the men and showing that some quality is there even with the ratio.

Well after a stressful week, I'm going to finish watching the Celtic Women, watch a movie, then go to bed.

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