Sunday, January 22, 2006

You may notice that I have added a few links to the links at the right. I think they were needed given conversations I've had and things I've read. There is a great disconnect between Catholics and Protestants, particulary those Protestants who adopt the term fundamentalist. Naturally, this all stems out of the Reformation, which in its intent was to rid the Catholic Church of well documented abuses. There existed and still exists today a small, yet vocal minority that is very Anti-Catholic. You may have seen these people on television, or outside Catholic Churches in your community handing out tracts and engaging those exiting churches in discussions. Many times, the Catholic is left scratching their heads and wondering if what these peope say is true. It is a shortcoming of the Catholic Church to properly instruct "cradle" Catholics on what the Church really believes. The problem is that over time many of the Anti-Catholic stances have also creeped in mainline Protestant denominations. So what we get are many Protestants believing falsehoods about Catholic doctrine.

I will be the first one to step forward and say I was raised in the Catholic Church and never understood properly the teachings. Fortunately for me, I have wonderful friends who got me reading the Bible and studying Church history and initially even I accepted many of these misconceptions. However the more I study, the more I find where things somewhere along the line got twisted up, leading to current misconceptions by some Protestants.

The most infamous of these works is Boettner's Roman Catholicism. It has become heavily relied upon by many anti-Catholics. However, the scholarship of this tome is as best second-rate (the soft cover chimes in at just shy of 500 pages and contains....about 12 footnotes). Pick up a copy for yourself and take a look and a read (if you can keep from throwing up or the urge to use the pages for TP on your next wilderness journey or when you run out at home).

So in the interest of trying to clear up misconceptions, I've added links to the Vatican, the Catholic Catechism, and just for fun Catholic Canon Law. Research for yourself and draw your own conclusions. I've done some and I'll be posting some of these in the future from time to time. Whether you are a Protestant who isn't sure what Catholics believe or if you're a Catholic and don't know what you believe, never take anything at face value, do the research yourself with discerning scholarship.


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