Sunday, February 05, 2006

I wanted to open up the old book of poetry and share with y'all a poem/song I wrote in early December after meeting a former city employee who came back to visit after being over in Iraq with his National Guard engineers unit. He was showing us a slide show and there was a picture of him on his bunk next to his was the writing either in a silver sharpie or white out on the butt that caught my eye.... honest critiques are welcome.

God, Country, and Carolyn

Me and my boys just got back
And I remove my pack
Another mission over, another battle won
I look down and see my reminder of why we won't cut and run
Starting back at me from the but of rifle
And a tear I'm made to stifle

Folks back home may not agree about why I'm over here
What they say, What they print, I don't really care.
I'm over here for more than just a win,
It all comes down to God, Country, and my sweet, dear Carolyn.

We were getting married in June when my orders came in April
We talked it over for two minutes, our thoughts were both the same
A miracle we did seek,
But we stood there before God, family and friends,
At the end of that chaotic week.


I shipped out two weeks later to a midwest fort
Then off to Iraq via some mideast port
Where our friends in light are our foes at night
But I'm doing my best to end this long, long fight


Tonight's my night on the tower guard
I pray to the Lord that tonight won't be hard
Three more weeks and I'm home for good
To see my wife and start my life with her
The way you know it should


The lust for home, you know it ain't no sin
I pray to God to see my country again
And hold and love forever
My sweet, dear Carolyn.

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