Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Fork In The Road: Temptation vs. The Right Thing

God must have a wonderful sense of irony. How else can I explain the choice in front of me today? On the one hand, Beggar Street Social is playing in Austin at 8:15 till about 9. A short drive from them at 10 PM the Double Bubble is playing the Saxon Pub. The temptation to go see my friends play is great. Yet at the same time, I've been asked by Double B to do some ground work here in College Station for their March 30 show at Shadow Canyon....err Midnight Rodeo (aka. Midnight Rode a Ho), does not open till 8. It is certainly a fork in the road. To go would be to induldge my senses in some of my favorite music. Yet, the virtue of my being there to induldge myself would be letting down one of the folks I came to see. Those of you that know me, know which one wins out. I guess, I'm off to see the Wizard rather than the possibilities of Wisteria Lane. I am but a humble servant in the Vineyard of the Lord and when I am done with what I must do, I'll hang out with Tony Soprano.

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